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Webcast recording: Creating a digital ecosystem for the energy sector

If there is one thing that this pandemic has demonstrated, is that creating a self-sustained digital ecosystem for the energy sector seems more relevant and necessary than ever. Resilient performance of the digitalised system is a prerequisite and a must.

The promise of the new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, IIOT and Virtual Reality, to name a few, can bring Vision 2030 faster while addressing consumer needs. Artificial Intelligence for maintenance and optimal integration of renewables, Augmented Reality to teach new technicians and virtual reality rooms to conduct meetings, Internet of Things bringing all smart energy components together are only a fraction of what digital future with low latency of 5G can provide. Future energy ecosystems will require active participation from all energy actors. Utilities, solution providers, energy communities and regulators must coexist and co-create the foundation of a digital ecosystem.

The expectations are high, and the envisioned system should allow businesses and consumers to thrive and enjoy reliable, safe, decarbonised and economically sustainable and inclusive energy.

How can it be achieved? Can new technologies minimise the negative economic and societal effect of a pandemic ” for all of us? What are the building blocks?

Welcome: Paddy Young, Director, Enlit Europe

Patricia Arsene, Policy Officer | European Commission, DG CONNECT
Areti Ntaradimou, Content Director, Enlit Europe

Klaas Hommes, Director TenneT | TSO
Kees van der Klauw, Coalition Manager, NL AIC (Netherlands AI Coalition)
Lorena Skijlan, Founder and Managing Partner | Nobilegroup
Natalie Samovich, AIOTI | WG Smart Energy
Luis Vale Cunha, Director of Energy Policies and European Projects | EDP Distribuiàƒ§àƒ£o
Luis Morencos, Energy Industry Executive | WE Microsoft
Dr. Colin Willcock, Chairman of the Board | 5G infrastructure Association