Big names and hot topics at Enlit Europe

What's new at Enlit Europe

Despite the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the imposition of lockdowns in many countries, work is continuing on developing the programme of Enlit Europe.

There have been several significant and exciting developments in the past couple of weeks. Here’s a round-up of just some of the major industry players you can see and meet in Milan in October.

New Energy Landscape
Among the eight topics slated for the New Energy Landscape Hub theatre, Energy Storage and Hydrogen are most likely to be the most anticipated. Patrick Clerens, Secretary General of the European Association for Storage of Energy, will chair the Storage session, and already Enel Foundation has offered to present some of its research on LODES (Long Duration Energy Storage) to increase the value and contribution of wind assets. The Hydrogen session is being developed in conjunction with Hydrogen Europe and will include a look at the resilience of Europe’s gas transmission grid to a higher hydrogen content.

In the Summit, Frauke Thies, Managing Director of SmartEn, will moderate the afternoon keynote session which poses the question, What If There Was Only One Data Platform?

Among the panellists tackling the question will be Dionysis Papachristou from the Greek Regulatory Authority, who will offer a local authority’s perspective.

Meanwhile on the second day of the Summit, Michael von Roeder, Chief Development Officer at Elia, will debate with his co-panellists whether Cloud computing is the future of the energy sector.

In the Hubs, Henrik Gàƒ¶thberg, Chief Executive of Dairdux, will show us the Nordic way of how to enable the digital ecosystem, while Willem Strabbing, Managing Director of Esmig, and Layla Sawyer, Business Analyst at Smarten, will discuss policies for the digitalization of the sector and enabling technologies.

Energy Markets
In the Energy Markets Hub, we’ll discuss the power market design under stress with Paul Giesbertz, Head Advisor Market Policies & Regulatory Affairs at Statkraft, and Riccardo Rossi, Head of Wholesale Gas & Trading Regulation at Centrica.

Kasper Walet, Managing Director of Maycroft, will discuss the latest developments in the (C)PPA market along with Hans Gràƒ¼nfeld, Managing Director of VEMW, Mercé Labordena, Senior Policy Advisor at Re-Source, and Jan Haizmann, Chairman of the Legal Committee of EFET.

Michele Governatori, President of the European Energy Retailers, will host a session on how energy markets can empower consumers and Elvijs Avenitis, Head of Quantitative Analytics at Latvenergo, will share from a quantitative point of view how to cope with a reduced-demand & increased volatility environment.

Lifecycle Management
In the Redevelopments theatre we will look at a wide range of projects that are breathing new life into redundant power plant sites. Antonio Ferreira Costa, Director for Investments at EDP Generation, will chair the session looking at site optimisation of renewable and hybrid plants.

In the Optimisation of Late-Life Operation theatre, a host of strategies, technologies (both hardware and software) and real-life projects will seek to inspire and furnish operators with ideas and solutions for optimising the performance of their long-running generation assets. Jessica McCafferty, Technical Consultant at Uniper, will be sharing the exciting digital journey of Uniper’s Grain CCGT plant in the UK in the session highlighting digital solutions for predictive maintenance.

Empowered Consumer
Benjamin Sovacool will be part of the Summit discussing What if consumers drove the energy transition? How much power could the consumer have? How much power should the consumer have? What would they do with that power? And what can the rest of the sector do to empower them?

On the Empowered Consumer Hub, Bobbi Harris will dive into the water energy nexus. She will spotlight the best solutions for monitoring, metering and forecasting water consumption and will also discuss how to better understand customer expectations.

On the Grid Hub we will talk about storage and flexibility with Gianluigi Migliavacca, Hakan Ergun, Bjàƒ¶rn Matthes, and Andrei Morch. Plus, we will spotlight the new FlexPlan project which has six detailed simulation cases covering most of Europe.

New for this year, as part of Initiate’s wider programme, we will be featuring an Innovation Booster focused on clean hydrogen and its role in decarbonising heat, heavy industry and transportation, highlighting the innovative work being done in this area by start-ups, academia and established industry players. If you would like to find our more or are interested in getting involved, please contact, Dr Heather Johnstone.

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