Red Rock selects tech-agnostic datahub to monitor wind assets

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Red Rock Power Limited, a renewable and sustainable energy company, has selected Greenbyte’s smart data platform to enhance its monitoring capabilities at the 50 MW Afton onshore wind farm in East Ayrshire, UK.

The technology-agnostic ‘datahub’ will provide access to invaluable monitoring insights that will help to optimise asset performance and play a vital role as the company expands its portfolio.

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Red Rock Power’s expansion into Europe will see it scale up and diversify its portfolio in the coming years, adding to its on- and offshore wind portfolio with a range of other renewable energy technologies.

Adopting Greenbyte will allow the company to integrate real-time data from multiple assets and create one point of access. This data will enhance decision-making at operational sites and inform wider development and acquisition opportunities.

Matthew Lush, Sales Manager at Greenbyte, said: “With onshore and offshore wind power key to Scotland’s ambitious renewable energy targets, project owners are keen to adopt sophisticated asset management platforms which can improve their asset productivity in both the short and long-term. By choosing Greenbyte, Red Rock Power will be able to fully optimise a larger and more technologically and geographically diverse portfolio.”

Operating a technologically diverse energy portfolio requires a sophisticated and versatile asset management approach. This must take account of site-specific complexities such as remote environments and contractor relationships, but ultimately provide the high-level oversight of project performance needed to support decision-making. Remote monitoring systems that meet these needs are already growing in prominence but have become increasingly essential in light of current market-wide disruption.

Mathieu Meijer, Head of Asset Management & HSEQ at Red Rock Power Limited, said: “As we continue to grow and diversify our portfolio of assets, both in the UK and across Europe, we depend on a reliable, flexible and future-proof software platform which supports our growth ambitions whilst allowing us to maximise the efficiency of our existing assets.”

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