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News, projects, technology, and current energy trends concerning the collection, use, and analysis of big data within the power generation sector, including big data generated from smart utilities and smart grids by energy companies through big data solutions. Insights elaborate on how the information gathered can be used for gaining useful insights on customer behaviour, manage renewable energy assets and deploy condition-based monitoring and maintenance programmes to improve forecasting and scheduling of assets.

Big Question: What’s fuelling our data?

Simone Bruckner investigates how to improve energy efficiency in data centres. In 2018, Chinese data centres produced 99 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2), generating...
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What’s fuelling our data?

In 2018, Chinese data centres produced 99 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2), generating the equivalent environmental footprint of around 21 million cars. This article was originally published in Smart Energy...

Energy cloud transforms wind farm monitoring

Kallista Energy, an independent power producer (IPP) of renewable energy, has chosen Greenbyte’s data platform to upgrade and reinforce its wind farm monitoring capacity,...

Enel works with European Space Agency on energy security and sustainability

Italian multinational utility Enel is working with the European Space Agency to develop space-applications to support energy security as well as economic and environmental sustainability.

Siemens opens ‘treasure trove of data’ for distribution grids

Siemens today unveiled its new Grid Diagnostic Suite at European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe in Paris. At a press conference, Siemens’ chief executive of Smart Infrastructure, Cedrik Neike, said that by unlocking the data in distribution grids, Siemens was “opening up a treasure trove that already exists and has never been tapped before”.

AES expands clean energy alliance with Google

Power generator and energy storage firm AES Corp is expanding its alliance with Google to further develop renewable energy and digital transformation...

Banks Renewables wind farms to profit from DNV GL’s twin analytics

DNV GL has been awarded a contract by Banks Renewables to provide monitoring and reporting services for eight of its UK onshore...

ABB and Hitachi respond to Japan’s digitization needs

ABB and Hitachi have announced a collaboration to advance Japan’s electricity balancing market system, allowing for market transactions in an increasingly digital environment.

How Uniper Technologies is ready for the digital ‘tipping point’

In a digital energy space that is getting more crowded by the week, Uniper Technologies likes to think that it has big advantage: as an owner and operator of conventional power plants, the company has been doing ‘digitalisation’ long before it became a buzzword.

EON puts customer in control of energy data with blockchain prototype

E.ON has developed a blockchain technology that says will allow its customers to have transparency and complete control over their own energy data.

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