NM Group sees utility helicopter inspections take off

NM Group, an international solutions provider to utilities, has launched Patrol+,à‚ a helicopter inspection service.

Using latest imaging systems and lightweight LiDAR technology, alongside NM Group’s processing technoloImage from NM Group's Patrol+gy, the service collects geospatially-located asset information and enables accurate and cost effective detection of hardware defects on wooden poles and steel structures; safety issues on the line or corridor and accurate location of structures.

NM Group – which is US-headquartered and active in the UK, Australia and the Middle East – says the service enhances existing patrols by taking the geospatially located data from the aircraft and exporting it through a series of analyses to provide a simple set of intelligent defect reports.

These are then used to more effectively manage risk and reliability on the network. The results are presented in such a way that they can be actioned via a work management system and integrated into an asset management system.

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