EON puts customer in control of energy data with blockchain prototype

E.ON has developed a blockchain technology that says will allow its customers to have transparency and complete control over their own energy data.

Developed by engineers at the E.ON Future Lab, E.ON has registered the unique IT-system for a patent and the European Patent Office has now made the application public.

The technology is housed within a box the size of a €5 note and can be fitted in a customer’s home, in an administrative building or in a company.

The box collects data, for example from smart home applications, evaluates it and makes it usable. Only the customer is able to decide who can access which part of his data stream. In addition, the customer can use the box to earn money by releasing selected data analytics for use.

E.ON acts as an intermediary and service provider ” but only gains access if the customer expressly agrees. Highly-secure encryption in conjunction with blockchain technology prevents data from being stolen or manipulated.

“Data is the currency of the future,” said Matthew Timms, Chief Digital and Technology Officer of E.ON. “At present, however, only companies in the global digital industry are benefiting from this.

“Digital patents are rare but our Future Lab team has managed to combine blockchain and big data with a simple hardware solution.”

“We want our customers to have absolute control over the analysis of their data. The ability to sell parts of these analyses within a more secure, traceable framework is completely new.”

The prototype has passed international safety tests and has already been certified by the German testing laboratory SGS. At the end of the year it will be used by the first test customers.

E.ON says the first products can be developed as early as next year.
The latest digital innovations for the energy sector and energy customers will be highlighted at European Utility Week in Paris in November. Click here for details.


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