Siemens yesterday opened what it claims is one of the world’s most advanced robotic battery module factories.

The facility in Trondheim, Norway, is completely automated and will make batteries for energy use in the marine and offshore market.

“We expect this market to grow significantly in the future. That is why we have invested in the development of safe and reliable battery solutions,” says Bjørn Einar Brath, Head of Offshore Solutions at Siemens.Siemens opens robotic battery factory for offshore industry

The factory comprises a robotized and digitized production line with eight robotic stations with a capacity of up to 300 MWh per year. From unpacking the incoming production parts to testing the finished battery module, the whole factory is completely automated. One battery consists of nine modules, and each module consists of 28 cells. In the future, 55 battery modules per shift will be assembled every day for the marine and offshore market.

It is based in Norway because, so far, the country has led the way in the electrification of shipping. Due to the global decision to invest in maritime battery systems, interest in Siemens battery solutions is also growing on the international market. “We also see interest in such solutions outside Norway. The new battery factory will therefore also serve an international market,” said Brath.

The factory has already received its first order to assemble batteries for use on the drilling rig West Mira, owned by international company Northern Drilling. It will be the first drilling rig in the world to be operated with a modern battery solution.

It is estimated that the battery solution could reduce annual fuel consumption by 12 per cent, annual carbon dioxide emissions by 15 per cent and annual nitrogen oxide emissions by 12 per cent.

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