Demand Response aggregator company Pearlstone Energy has announced that it has teamed up with US conglomerate Honeywell to provide a smart grid programme for a number of Honeywell commercial facilities in the UK.

The programme aims to reduce energy bills in these facilities while helping improve power reliability and meet carbon reduction commitments.

Under the programme, Pearlstone Energy will pay Honeywell to reduce their energy consumption in a number of their facilities for short amounts of time during periods when electricity demands exceed availability. In return, Honeywell will provide the technology to automate these reductions.
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These automated energy reduction measures, known as automated demand response (ADR), can create additional revenue streams for participants while contributing to broader UK carbon reduction goals.

Dr. Azad Camyab, chief executive officer, Pearlstone Energy, said, “As well as implementing ADR in a number of Honeywell facilities, we’re also using Honeywell’s open-source smart grid technology to tap into buildings’ flexible energy needs to offer additional sources of grid stability along with savings and potential new revenue for participants.”

The programme’s centrepiece is Honeywell’s Demand Response Automation Server (DRAS) software-as-a-service (SaaS), which allows Pearlstone Energy to communicate with participating buildings to trigger pre-specified short-term energy reduction measures during times of peak demand on the grid, or peak pricing periods, when buildings are charged more for the energy they consume. Pearlstone Energy can then aggregate the resulting energy reserves and seek to apply them toward grid stabilization efforts, by tendering for National Grid’s Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) service, which aims to reduce grid demands using clean methods that avoid producing carbon emissions.

In addition to payment to Honeywell for their participation, their facilities can also reduce their energy bills by avoiding costly peak pricing periods and network demand charges.

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