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ABB automation solution boosts Italian windfarms


Italian renewable energy operator Volta Green Energy has deployed an ABB control and automation solution on several of its wind farms.

GE unveils AI and machine learning grid solutions


The energy industry today “is leveraging a small fraction of its operational data” according to Steven Martin, chief digital officer for GE Power.

MHI tests explosion-proof robot for plant inspections


Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has successfully tested a prototype robot that it intends to use for plant inspections.

Industry opinion: Reducing negative impacts of urbanisation through emerging technologies


How digitalisation and decentralisation can work in tandem to unleash significant benefits for the smart cities of the future

How energy bosses are underestimating the potential of intelligent automation


The global energy and utilities sector is embracing the use of intelligent automation, particularly artificial intelligence – but executives are still underestimating its full potential.

Valmet in automation deal for Asia's biggest biomass plant


Valmet is to provide automation technology for what will be Asia's biggest biomass plant.

'Utilities are the most susceptible to future disruption' says Accenture boss


More than half of the companies listed among the Fortune 500 in 2000 are already gone or no longer ranked.

ABB and Rolls-Royce in microgrid and automation collaboration


ABB and Rolls-Royce have announced a global partnership on microgrid technology and advanced automation.

Survey reveals offshore wind failing to embrace digitalisation


The offshore wind market in the is lagging behind other areas of the energy sector when it comes to embracing – and understanding – the potential of digital technologies.

Pöyry, Infosys and Nokia in artificial intelligence collaboration


Nokia, Pöyry and digital services firm Infosys are collaborating on an artificial intelligence framework for utilities, industry, transportation and infrastructure.

AI is the new electricity


As with all emerging technological trends, some elements of artificial intelligence are hyped out of proportion, some elements are ahead of their time, and some even incite fear. However, there remains some truth beneath the hype, cycles and buzzwords. Advancements in AI stand to benefit the energy sector but come with own limitations and practical concerns.

Big data, mega efficiency: How data can improve plant productivity


Nick Boughton explores what can be done with data and how analyzing it can help plant managers make more informed decisions.

ABB and Intel in distribution automation pact


ABB and Intel have signed an agreement to collaborate on next-generation distribution automation systems.

Siemens opens robotic battery factory for offshore industry


Siemens yesterday opened what it claims is one of the world's most advanced robotic battery module factories.

Digital transformation puts clean energy goals within reach


In March 2017, power generated from the sun and the wind reached a significant milestone in the US. For the first time ever, solar and wind energy accounted for 10 per cent of the country’s electricity generation (8 per cent wind and 2 per cent solar), according the US Energy Information Administration.

How will the energy landscape change in 2019?


It’s 2019 – that’s nearly 2020! It doesn’t seem long ago that the EU was setting what seemed like fairly radical targets for 2020; for decarbonization, for renewable energy use and for energy efficiency.

The global grid outlook for 2019 and beyond: Q&A with GE Grid Solution's Vera Silva


All hands are needed on deck when it comes to the future power generation needs of the world. And all hands should be digitized and ready to pitch in to help each other.

Blockchain the ‘missing link to transform power industry, says report


Blockchain could be “the leading enabler of decentralization, democratization, and liberalization in the power industry”, according to a new report.

Emerging digital patterns for the next-gen energy market


This article discusses the emerging design patterns for the next-gen energy market and carbon energy tokens, all of which seek to serve the goal of meeting global zero carbon emissions.


Valmet to automate Finland biomass plant


Energy engineering company Valmet is to supply automation technology to a biomass power plant in its native Finland.

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