Atlas Copco presents new strategic vision

On Monday in London’s Alexandra Palace, Swedish multinational Atlas Copco presented a new strategic vision, centred around its newly formed Power Techniques Unit.

The division formed in July and incorporates portable generators. It has now launched a new division dedicated to Power and Flow, serving power plants, events and other areas where uninterruptible power supply is required.

The company’s vision is in line with recent megatrends towards digitalisation and the construction of smart cities.
Atlas Copco
A number of new, and recently introduced machine, rental and service-focused innovations that are designed to reduce carbon and noise emissions and increase energy efficiency were introduced at the event.

These included the company’s QAS VSG Variable Speed Generator. This generator has automatic variable speed control and built in power management, which the company says is a game changer. Solutions for Modular Power Plant applications were also presented.

After recently launching new air compressor, electrical generator, dewatering pump and lighting tower models, the company said its latest technologies would provide end users with more efficient operation and lower cost of ownership.

Finally the company introduced two smart connectivity solutions, in response to client need for intelligent digital solutions capable of providing accurate, timely information on the equipment.

FleetLink helps customers optimise fleet usage, maintenance costs and saves time and money, through facilitating remote communication & digital monitoring. Meanwhile Power Connect is an online portal that allows customers find specific info about Atlas Copco machinery.

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