3D Printing

Refers to news, project announcements, research and innovation into the use of 3D printing in the power generation space, specifically using 3D models in renewables, conventional energy and battery storage.

How digitisation is transforming 3D data mapping

Technology company Assystem is taking innovations such as data mapping that it has used for aerospace solutions and cross-fertilizing them into the energy sector, writes Mike Sheehan

Digitalization a ‘huge opportunity’ for solar in Europe – report

Digitalization represents “a huge opportunity” for Europe's solar industry, new analysis has found.

Last chance to submit papers for Electrify Europe

The deadline is fast approaching to submit papers for Electrify Europe, the exciting new energy event that tackles all the hot topics from generation to grid and beyond.

Laserpas inspection reveals threats to section of Baltic power grid

Laserpas, a leading international Remotely Piloted Airborne System (RPAS) operator in the Baltic States, has completed a power grid inspection pilot project for one of the national transmission operators in the Baltics.

Pump design: the rise of the virtual prototype

Traditional pump design methods have relied on testing physical prototypes. However, creating a digital prototype and using computational fluid dynamics can enable rapid investigation of multiple designs over a range of conditions, writes Elspeth Mosedale

GE boss Immelt to step down: John Flannery to succeed

GE chief executive Jeff Immelt is to step down after 16 years in the role.

3D printing: a world of possibilities

Turbomachinery has proved to be one of the most difficult applications for 3D printing, but with recent breakthroughs the possibilities are now endless, says Andreas Graichen

Decarbonization is in the hands of digitization

The digitalization of the energy sector will provide the only sure-fire route to decarbonization, according to a leading economist and energy academic. Kelvin Ross hears him explain why

The three Ds of modern power

Three mega-trends are shaping the European energy landscape - digitalization, decarbonization and decentralization. Rudy Koenig examines these 'three Ds' through the prism of Germany as a key industrial nation and suggests they will shape the power generation industry for years to come

Digitization will bring true decarbonisation says Dieter Helm

The digitalization of the energy sector will provide the only sure-fire route to decarbonisation, according to Dieter Helm, Professor of Energy Policy at the UK’s Oxford University.

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