2019 energy predictions by top industry influencers

Some of the most influential players in the European energy sector have revealed their predictions for what will happen in the energy sector in 2019.

And all maintain the digital rollercoaster that has affected almost every aspect of the power and utility sector so far will continue to gather pace.

“2019 will be the real beginning of the energy transition,” said Aurelio Blanquet, director of Portugese utility EDP.

“We will go further with digitalization, connectivity, real-time information and real-time decision making,” he explained, adding that these will be driven by a greater use of artificial intelligence.

Jo-Jo Hubbard, chief operating officer and co-founder of blockchain company Electron, said: “In 2019 we are going to see an even greater fracturing of energy markets. We are going to see so many new ideas of things that we can trade, not least energy and grid services, but also data. We will see lots and lots of pockets of innovation.”

Dagmar Bleilebens, à‚ Head of the MindSphere Application Centre of Energy Management at Siemens, believes that this year “the industry will really focus on making digitalisation happen”, while Sharelynn Moore, senior vice-president of Network Solutions at Itron, forecast that the next 12 months “will bring breakthoughs around how we engage customers and bring them into the process. The era of the real prosumer is where we will see some traction in 2019.”

Jo-Jo Hubbard will be speaking and Itron and Siemens will be exhibiting at DistribuTECH conference and exhibition in New Orleans next month. Click here for details.

To see interviews with all of these top players plus more 2019 predictions, watch the video below.

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