Welcome to Decentralized Energy!

We at PennWell are delighted to announce the launch of Decentralized Energy, formerly Cogeneration & On-Site Power Production.

Our new name is a timely recognition of the increasingly important role that distributed energy resources (DER) are playing in how we generate our energy.

In its 15-year history, Cogeneration & On-Site Power Production has served the cogeneration/CHP and wider distributed energy sector very well, highlighting the latest technology advances, as well as exploring and providing comment on interesting market developments.

And, under the new name of Decentralized Energy, the publication and its associated website and weekly e-newsletter will continue to provide in-depth coverage of all relevant industry developments.

Many countries and regions of the world are transitioning their energy systems from large, centralized power generation assets, predominantly fossil fuel-based, toward an increasingly decentralized, lower-carbon alternative that capitalizes on the benefits offered by DER.

The importance of DER is being accelerated by a number of factors, not least discussions and evolving regulation on carbon emissions, a more proactive consumer or ‘prosumer’ and increased financial viability compared to traditional generation.

Thus, PennWell felt that with the growing importance of DER within the wider power sector, the time is right to have a brand that is more inclusive and thus reflective of the many and exciting changes taking place in the distributed energy arena.

So, welcome to our new website at www.decentralized-energy.com, and make sure to bookmark it to keep up with the latest news from this fast-moving sector!

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