The managing director of Wartsila India believes the country’s cement industry has great potential opportunity to cut its electricity overheads by deploying combined heat and power systems to power its facilities.

The company says that setting up power plants using waste heat will also help cement plants to reduce emissions.
“We have a good relationship with the cement industry. Their needs and our expectations can be a good meeting point,” said Rakesh Sarin, Managing Director, Wartsila India. “We are going from base zero.” A few cement plants in India have installed waste heat recovery systems to generate additional electricity and reduce their dependence on the grid.

According to James Rajan, Director-Service Unit (South Asia), Wartsila, there are more than 100 cement plants in the country where such waste heat recovery systems can be installed.

Also, new cement plants will have to go in for these systems if they are to substantially reduce their emission levels.

A cement plant of 6,000-7,000 tonnes a day capacity can have a 7 MW power plant using waste heat and gas, according to Rajan.

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