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Wärtsilä gold mine deal marks Saudi Arabia’s first hybrid power project

Finnish technology group Wärtsilä is to supply a 44 MW power plant to a gold mine in Saudi Arabia.

It will be installed at the Mansourah & Massarah Gold Project, the largest ever gold project for Saudi Arabian Mining Company.

The new plant will mark the first newbuild energy project in the country to utilise a hybrid concept, namely engine technology plus solar electricity.

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The contractor for the project order is India’s Larsen & Toubro and the plant will comprise six Wärtsilä engines, with five in operation and one on constant stand-by.

Wärtsilä said that the “built-in flexibility of the engine technology, which allows full power output to be reached within minutes of being started, will allow the plant to efficiently utilise renewable solar energy“.

“Reliability is key for any gold mine for securing uninterrupted operations and targeted revenues in all occasions,” said Amit Swarnkarof Larsen & Turbo. “The dedicated power plant will ensure that the mine can operate on a reliable and economical supply of electricity.”

The Wärtsilä equipment will be delivered on a fast-track basis and the plant is scheduled to be commissioned by May 2021, with commercial operations beginning a year later.

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