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The World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE) was established in 1997 as a non-profit research and promotion organization whose mission is to accelerate the worldwide development of high efficiency cogeneration (CHP) and decentralized renewable energy systems that deliver substantial economic and environmental benefits.

WADE co-hosts ‘Renewable energy’s role in global security’ event

Side event at WIREC Conference explores security benefits of DE

Washington DC, USA ࢀ¢ In conjunction with the recent Washington International Renewable Energy Conference (WIREC), WADE co-hosted a side event entitled: Renewable energy’s role in global security. The event highlighted the role renewable energy can play in enhancing global security.

Speakers discussed how renewable and decentralized energy can contribute to global security; change the current geopolitics of energy; alleviate global poverty and contribute to sustainable growth of developing nations. Efforts within the US Department of Defense to deploy renewable energy technologies were also discussed.

The panelists included: Hon. James Woolsey, Former Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency; Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn, US Navy; David Sweet, World Alliance for Decentralized Energy; Steve Siegel, Energy and Security Group; Karen Baker, US Army Environmental Policy Institute; Gal Luft (Moderator) Institute for the Analysis of Global Security.

WADE participates in inaugural World Future Energy Summit

New Masdar City aims for zero carbon footprint

Abu Dhabi, UAE ࢀ¢ WADE participated in the inaugural World Future Energy Summit held January 21à‚—23 in Abu Dhabi.

The Masdar Carbon Free Community concept will be home to over 40,000 people and will generate all its own clean energy within the city limits.
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This event brought together global leaders in energy education, research, finance and business looking to further clean energy technology, especially in the Gulf region. Over 11,000 visitors attended the event from all over the world. It was hosted by the Masdar Initiative, a global co-operative platform for energy sustainability developed by the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company.

The Masdar Initiative includes development of a ‘green community’ with a near zero carbon footprint.

WEC’s Cleaner Fossil Fuels Committee holds workshop

DE key means of reducing fossil footprint

Abu Dhabi, UAE ࢀ¢ While in Abu Dhabi, WADE also attended a workshop and meeting organized by the World Energy Council’s Cleaner Fossil Fuel Systems Committee.

The workshop, Clean Technologies for Economic Growth and a Better Environment, featured high-level speakers from government, industry and academia. Among the approaches discussed for cleaning up fossil fuels were cogeneration, district energy and carbon capture and storage.

A keynote address, on the Masdar Carbon Free Community, was supplied by Dr Russel Jones, President of the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology.

WADE joins Methane to Markets Partnership

Consortium works to capture economic value from oft-wasted resource

Washington DC, USA ࢀ¢ Demonstrating its commitment to identifying and implementing cost-effective methane emission reduction opportunities, WADE has joined the Methane to Markets partnership as a registered member.

The Methane to Markets Partnership was launched on 16th November 2004, at a Ministerial Meeting in Washington, D.C., when 14 national governments signed on as Partners.

The new Partners made formal declarations to minimize methane emissions from key sources, stressing the importance of implementing methane capture and use projects in developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

The four priority objectives of the partnership are reducing methane waste in agricultural, oil and gas, coal mining and solid waste management sectors.

The goal of the Partnership is to reduce global methane emissions in order to enhance economic growth, strengthen energy security, improve air quality, improve industrial safety, and reduce emissions.

Building Energy Efficiency Forum invites WADE participation

DE potential in buildings highlighted

Hyderabad, India ࢀ¢The recent ‘Energy Conservation Potential In Buildings’ meeting held in Hyderabad, India highlighted opportunities for ‘green’ building in India.

DE was one of the many topics discussed at the meeting among others such as building materials, passive and active HVAC systems, efficient lighting and water conservation, etc.

Among those who participated were Dr Ajay Mathur, Director General, Bureau of Energy Efficiency (India); Shri Raghupathy, Sr. Director, Confederation of Indian Industry Green Business Centre; and Shri Lingaraj Panigraha IAS, NEDCAP vice chairman, along with WADE Director South Asia, Sridhar Samudrala.

WADE participates in ‘Green Grid’ webcast

WADE requests trigeneration be included in portfolio of energy efficiency options

San Francisco, USA ࢀ¢ WADE was recently invited to participate in a webcast organized by the Green Grid, a consortium of computer companies dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centres and business computing ecosystems.

Members of the consortium include companies such as Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Intel, HP and Dell. During the webcast WADE highlighted the potential of highly efficient distributed energy applications for powering and cooling data centres.

EU’s Sustainable Energy Week puts DE high onà‚ agenda

WADE contributes to proceedings

Brussels, Belgium ࢀ¢ Under the umbrella of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign (SEE), the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy and Transport, and major stakeholders concerned with sustainable energy put together the second EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) between 28 January and 1 February, 2008 in various European cities.

The Sustainable Energy Week brought stakeholders from across Europe to discuss energy challenges. Decentralized energy featured prominently on the agenda in many discussions
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WADE was in Brussels to contribute to, among others, the session on ‘How to achieve the energy efficiency potential of cogeneration in the European Union’.

2008 Inaugural Roundtable hosted

Former US Gas Association Head provides keynote

Washington, USA ࢀ¢ On 22 February WADE helped organize the first Natural Gas Roundtable meeting of 2008 featuring as a speaker Roundtable founder, and former Director of the American Gas Association, Bud Lawrence.

Mr. Lawrence spoke in depth about the history of the US gas industry, borrowing from his newly published book about the US natural gas industry, Turnaround. The event also marked the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the Natural Gas Roundtable.

WADE’s Director addresses finance forum

London Efficiency Finance and Investment Forum hears DE message

London, UK ࢀ¢ On 29 January, WADE Executive Director David Sweet spoke at the first Energy Efficiency Finance and Investment Forum in London.

His presentation discussed future market directions and was joined for a discussion with others including David Green, head of the UK Business Council for Sustainable Energy and Kateri Callahan, head of the Alliance to Save Energy.

WADE conference


WADE meets with Inter-American Development Bank

Multilateral investment agencies express interest in DE for Latin America

Lima, Peru ࢀ¢ WADE recently met with the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) to discuss the role of decentralized energy for meeting clean energy goals throughout Latin America, with a special focus on Peru.

The Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation’s Energy Minister Meeting was held in Iquitos, Peru in March, 2008. Over 21 energy efficiency initiatives were on the agenda at the meeting and WADE will be organizing a follow-up cogeneration and energy efficiency conference in June 2008 in Lima.

The IADB expressed its support for WADE and its activities in Peru, highlighting the relevance that decentralized energy will play and its potential for development given that in recent years Peru has become an attractive market for investments in the energy sector.

Both the IADB and the World Bank have recently granted financing for cogeneration and other energy efficiency projects in Peru.

New contract for WADE Canada

Team gears up for project to build Western Canadian DE directory representatives

Calgary, Canada ࢀ¢ WADE Canada has been awarded a contract to develop a directory of organizations operating in Western Canada with an interest in DE.

The project is entitled ‘Building Western Canadian Small Medium Enterprises Involved with Clean Energy and Decentralized Energy Technology’. The project is scheduled to wrap up in June 2008 and will include an event to launch the directory in the spring. If you are aware of companies that should be included in the directory please contact WADE.

Calling WADE Members

How can we help you?

In search of WADE research projects and proposals

WADE has a long history of helping public and private sector institutions around the world to understand and realize decentralized energy (DE) benefits and opportunities through its tradition of thorough and comprehensive research.

In addition to WADE’s regular publications, reports and market studies, WADE has participated in successful projects, conferences and educational campaigns, working with a range of governments, national and international organizations.

WADE’s contribution to these projects includes:

  • WADE Economic Model à‚— computer modeling of the economic and environmental impacts of DE in a specified area
  • DE Potential Analysis à‚— assessment of the potential for developing DE in a specified area
  • DE Policy Best Practice Review à‚— international overview of policy mechanisms for DE
  • DE Technology Status Review à‚— overview of the performance and market-readiness of DE technologies
  • DE Project Best Practice Case Studies à‚— overview of successful DE case study projects worldwide relevant to a specified area
  • Education and Outreach Programs focusing on DE, environment and economic efficiency.

Are you aware of any opportunities where WADE can bring its expertise to bear?

Please contact WADE and let us know how we can help your company or organization.

Upcoming Events

Call for Participation

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WADE has a long history of planning timely and authoritative conferences, strategy meetings and events. If you have an idea for an event related to decentralized energy that you would like to see organized WADE can help make it a success.

Some of the events WADE is currently organizing are highlighted below. Please contact us if you require more information or would like to participate.

  • Decentralized Energy India Roundtable à‚— New Delhi, India (April 4th 2008)
  • Natural Gas and Climate Change à‚— Policy Solutions and Commercial Implications.
  • An Earth Day Conference à‚— Washington DC, USA (April 22nd 2008)
  • Decentralized Energy: the Growth Potential in Canada à‚— Calgary, Canada (late May or early June 2008)
  • Cogeneration and On-site Power Pavilion à‚— Milan, Italy (3-5th June 2008)