Vericor and ENER-G seal agreement

18 June 2002 – Vericor Power Systems of Atlanta, Georgia and Manchester, UK-based ENER-G Group announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding at POWER-GEN Europe in Milan last week. The two companies will co-operate within the US market where Vericor will now offer ENER-G’s Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems based on reciprocating engines.

“This relationship will enable Vericor to expand from our current aeroderivitive gas turbine-based OnsitePower solutions on the 0.5-3.5 MW range to include ENER-G’s Combined Power CHP systems,” said Thomas Bray, president and general manager of Vericor Power Systems. “Both types of systems are ideal for a variety of customer sites similar to those ENER-G has installed in Europe with industrial companies, hospitals, fitness centres, universities, hotels and office complexes.

Vericor, which was founded by Honeywell International and MTU Aero Engines, markets, sells and supports marine and industrial gas turbines As well as OnsitePower turnkey systems and services.

The ENER-G group of companies has a worldwide customer base and focuses on efficient energy management and onsite power generation. Its Combined Power division was formed in 1985 and worked closely with Manchester University in developing ground breaking cogeneration technology.
The newly announced relationship brings together the complementary OnsitePower and Combined Power CHP systems. ENER-G’s reciprocating engine system suiting commercial installations such as hotel or office campuses, where electricity as well as hot/chilled water is required whereas Vericor’s aeroderivative gas turbine-based systems are best suited for industrial companies who require power and steam.

“Vericor will work with customers to determine which type of system will best meet their requirements,” said Bray.

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