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US utility dedicates community solar plant

In one more example of a new business strategy aimed at dealing with decentralized energy and the rise of prosumers,à‚ US utility Georgia Power has dedicated a PV plant to supply its new community solar programme.

Power from the 2 MW project, which uses 8200 PV panels and covers over 4 ha in northeast Georgia, is being marketed to residential customers who are unable to install a solar system at their homes, including renters and condominium owners, or homeowners with shaded roof space or restrictive agreements, the utility said.

The scheme will be launched in January and pre-enrollment has been open since October.

Participation in the programme will cost $24.99 per 1 kW block per month in exchange for a monthly credit based on a solar facility’s production, Georgia Power said. Customers are limited to their estimated monthly energy usage and a maximum of 10 1-kW blocks, with a total of 3000 blocks available for subscription.

An additional 1 MW community PV plant is planned for another part of the state.

Greg Roberts, Georgia Power’s vice-president for pricing and planning, said the scheme “is the latest addition to a variety of Georgia Power programmes that give customers the flexibility to choose how they want to support the growth of solar energy in our state.”à‚