The governor of the US state of Ohio, John Kasich has criticised the renewable energy lobby in the state for an irresponsible self interest in objecting to cogeneration.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Gov. Kasich offered a most-passionate defence of his proposal to include cogeneration as an acceptable form of renewable energy in Ohio’s energy mix.

Governor John Kasich

He singled out wind and solar power lobbyists as particularly culpable.

“All those who are in alternative energy and renewable standards believe in a cleaner environment, and that’s just fantastic,” Kasich said. “But don’t lobby for your own industry to keep other industries out that result in a cleaner environment. And that happens. So if I’m in the wind or the solar industry, I’m not so excited about waste heat or cogeneration because I get a nice big fat subsidy. OK.

That’s just not the way it ought to be, because our goal ought to be a cleaner environment, and whatever moves us to a cleaner environment ought to be a part of it. …

“I’m a little disappointed when people lobby, and totally in self-interest.”

The newspaper speculates that Kasich might have been referring to ongoing testimony related to Senate Bill 315, which would allow cogeneration –essentially the capture of waste heat –to be used to meet the state’s energy-efficiency requirements.

A previous Senate-passed bill would add cogeneration to the definition of renewable energy, making it eligible for renewable-energy credits.

Last month, Columbus lobbyist Terrence O’Donnell testified before a Senate committee on behalf of wind-farm builder EDP Renewables of Houston against the “unqualified inclusion of cogeneration in the renewable-energy standard.”

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