US decentralized energy firm announces subsidiary merger

The US-based makers of a software platform aimed at operators of distributed energy resources (DER) and microgrids have announced the merger of their analytics and energy management businesses.

Causam Energy says it has merged its subsidiaries Power Analytics and Power Generation Services, with the aim of creating ‘a comprehensive energy service provider … for the design, registration, market participation and operation of both traditional and distributed energy resources’.

Power Generation Services (known as PoGens) provides energy management services for commercial and industrial owners of distributed energy resources, including combined heat and power (CHP), renewables, energy storage and fuel cells. The firm also serves registered demand response curtailment providers.

Causam Energy says PoGens’ services include installation, monitoring, control, compliance, risk management, analysis, reporting, and the economic dispatch of DER energy, capacity, or curtailment into the North American deregulated power markets. The firm currently manages over 12 GW of generation capacity in the US.

Power Analytics features software that allows the user to design, model, simulate, analyze and optimize power systems.

PoGens’ Chief Commercial Officer, Todd Jackson, said the merger will enable the company’s customers to ‘capture the full benefits of distributed energy resources and enable the progressive evolution of the traditional electric power grid.’

Image courtesy of Power Analytics


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