Energy union Prospect has expressed deep disappointment at the decision by GDF SUEZ / International Power to close its 210 MW Shotton combined heat and power plant in North Wales by the end of 2012.

In a statement, Prospect negotiator Tony Hammond said: “Today’s news is a blow both for the individuals involved and historically because of the role Shotton has played in powering local industries.

Shotton combined heat and power plant
                                                                                Image via Robert Brook/ Science Photo Library

“We will be working closely with GDF SUEZ / International Power to explore the options available to the 32 dedicated and highly skilled employees affected by this decision and seek opportunities for redeployment within the group where possible.

“While we recognise that the structure of the energy markets means at present there is little financial incentive for GDF SUEZ / International Power to operate its gas-fired plant, the closure will see the loss of another tranche of highly skilled jobs within the area.

“At a time when the UK also faces the closure of several large coal-fired power stations between now and the end of 2015, we have to question who will supply the peaking capacity of the future?

“We urge the Department of Energy and Climate Change to consider options for rewarding operators more effectively for running peaking plant or leave hard-hit consumers and energy-intensive industries to bear the brunt as future demand outstrips supply.

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