A report by Ecuity Consulting sets out the vision of leading micro CHP companies about how it can effectively engage with Smart Grid technology to ‘revolutionise home heating.’

The report provides suggestions for a support framework to allow consumers who let their heating system also power their house be rewarded for the full value they bring to the energy system.
Micro CHP
The companies involved content that the electricity generated by micro CHP, in tandem with the smart grid and energy storage innovations, can help the grid to cope with capacity constraints and short-term spikes in demand.

Alongside power generation benefits, micro CHP is also the most cost-effective gas fuelled individual home heating solution that generates on-going benefits of up to 4.3 pence per kWh of heat delivered in comparison to incumbent technologies.

In the report the authors point to the experience of Japan. Whereby the policy framework has led to rapid market gains and a 25% unit price reduction between 2010 and 2012.

Modelling carried out for the purposes of the report shows that all commercially available micro CHP products in the UK would generate a net benefit for the UK economy beyond the initial 50,000 units as a result of scale and learning. Therefore support for micro CHP now makes economic sense.

This group of companies aims to use this joint report as a framework for constructive collaboration with a wide range of policy and industry stakeholders in the UK based on the objectives below that are also backed by key micro CHP industry bodies.

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