Ukraine to cut gas supplies to CHP plants

In a move to save the nation’s gas reserves, Ukraine’s oil and gas company Naftogaz Ukraine is to limit the gas it supplies to several combined heat and power plants, news agency Interfax Ukraine has reported.

On 10 July, Naftogaz will cut the amount of gas it supplies to two CHP plants in Kyiv, operated by utility Kyivenergo, as well as two plants in Kharkiv operated by Kharkivski Teplovi Merezhi.

Gas supplies for Kyiv’s CHP Plant 5 will be reduced to 480,000 cubic metres of gas per day, and supplies for its CHP Plant 6 will drop to 48,000 cubic metres per day.à‚  Kharkiv’s two plants will have their gas supply cut entirely.

According to an unnamed source within Naftogaz who spoke with Interfax Ukraine, the order to save gas comes from the nation’s energy and coal industry ministry.


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