UK energy and climate change minister Greg Barker has made a commitment to ‘smash the glass ceiling’ for the growth of decentralized energy in Britain.
Speaking at the Climate Clinic ‘In Conversation’ event at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, the minister explained:
‘We want to see decentralized energy competing alongside other sources, as a significant part of the energy mix. We have to smash the glass ceiling for decentralized energy that was put in place by the previous government.’
Barker continued by highlighting the importance of the government’s forthcoming programme of electricity market reform as a catalyst for change, and specifically as a key driver in the foundation of a substantial and competitive energy services market.
‘The government will be looking at a range of measures to make it possible for community groups, companies and householders to participate in the energy market. We want to change the rules of the game. We want to bring in new entrants, We want to see energy efficiency compete alongside new power generation in forward capacity markets, and we want encourage consumers to generate their own electricity.’
The pledge was welcomed by the UK CHP Association (CHPA).
Graham Meeks, director of the CHPA, said: ‘The potential of the energy services sector to become a major competitive force in the energy market is huge. It’s not just about bringing new competition into the energy sector, but also delivering tangible carbon dioxide and cost savings for consumers and communities across the UK.’
Meeks continued: ‘This is a clear and important indication of the government’s direction of travel. It offers encouragement to the growing number of businesses entering the energy services market, and to those supplying CHP equipment, renewable generation and energy efficiency products into it.’
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