UK council chooses CHP

A new combined heat and power plant is set to generate savings for a local council in the UK.

Ashford Borough Council in Kent this week installed a natural gas-fueled, 400-kW CHP plant at its Stour Centre, a recreational facility. The plant will generate electricity and heat for the Stour Leisure Centre, which houses a swimming pool, athletics facilities, a gym and fitness rooms. It will also power the nearby Civic Centre, which holds the council offices.
Stour Centre
The plant will meet 70% of the buildings’ electricity demand and 60% of their heating needs, the council said, and is expected to reduce the council’s utility bill by around 25%. The plant is also predicted to reduce the buildings’ CO2 emissions by 550 tonnes per year over its 15-year life.

Installation and commissioning of the new power generator, its associated pipework, cabling and controls is expected to be completed within the next three months.

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