A Cumbrian paper and materials group has been selected to receive funding from the UK Regional Growth Fund after a competitive tender process.

James Cropper plc will receive a $5.05m Regional Growth Fund grant to support a proposed innovative energy plant at Burneside.

It is part of an overall $11.2m investment in the development of a steam raising
plant that will significantly reduce the manufacturer’s energy costs, CO2 emissions, and
rising environmental taxes.

The plant will consume a mixture of solid recovered fuel (SRF) produced by Shanks from Cumbrian municipal waste, and the company’s own paper-making effluent residues. SRF, which is approximately 50 per cent biomass in content, is currently significantly underutilised owing to lack of appropriate proven technology – a gap which the project intends to fill.

The company intends the plant to supplement its gas fired CHP plant.

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