Toyota installs gas powered cogeneration

Toyota has installed cogeneration-based equipment in a bid to improve its electricity supply and demand efficiency.

The measures will enable the company to meet the demand for businesses in areas serviced by Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. to reduce electricity use by 5 per cent.

With the installation of eight new cogeneration gas power generators in 2012, TMC’s on-site power generators (including diesel generators and other kinds) will enable its plants to be approximately 30 per cent self-sufficient in electricity.

TMC has developed and is starting to introduce in July 2012, the Toyota Total Demand Management (TTDM) consolidated visual management system, which enables unified management of overall power demand and supply at all plants.

TTDM, which shows the real-time status of electricity use by each plant and on-site power generation, helps achieve targets set for curbing use of peak power and saving electricity.

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