Tomato firm to unveil 8.7 MW combined heat and power plant

California-based Houweling Tomatoes officially unveiled a new $13m 8.7 MW combined heat and power plant this week ” the first facility in the US to use commercial greenhouse CHP to capture for CO2 for plant growth.

The facility is the first U.S. commercial greenhouse CHP plant equipped with GE’s technology to capture and reuse the CHP plant’s own CO2 as a special crop fertilizer.

Tomato plant
The innovative, high-efficiency natural gas-fired cogeneration plant features two of GE’s ecomagination-qualified, 4.36-MW Jenbacher J624 two-staged turbocharged gas engines and CO2 fertilization system.

The plant will provide heat, power and CO2 to Houweling’s 125-acre tomato greenhouse in Camarillo.

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