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Substantial green input to E.ON grid

One third of the installed capacity of EEG installations is connected to the E.ON grid, according to data produced by the company.

In 2016, about 375,000 installations funded under the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) are connected to the E.ON grid in Germany. These systems have a total installed capacity of 34 GW, the equivalent of about 100 large offshore wind farms or roughly one third of Germany’s total installed capacity from EEG installations of about 100 GW.

In the service areas of the E.ON grid operators in northern Germany ” Avacon, E.DIS and Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG ” most of this green electricity is of course generated from wind. About 110,000 installations funded under the EEG feed into these three grids. In southern Germany it is primarily the sun that produces environmentally friendly energy. As one photovoltaic system has a lower installed capacity than a wind turbine, grid operator Bayernwerk has more than twice as many small, distributed green power plants (roughly 265,000) feeding into its grid.

Thomas Kàƒ¶nig, in charge of E.ON’s network business, said: “Germany’s energy transition is happening in the distribution grids. These grids serve as a platform providing an intelligent link between distributed generation and controllable energy consumption. This is why, in future, overall responsibility will have to rest with the regional grids.”