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World Alliance for Decentralized Energy – changing the way the world makes electricity


WADE, the World Alliance for Decentralized Energy, is a non-profit research and promotional organization launched in June 2002 by a group of major companies and national industry associations to accelerate the development of decentralized energy (DE) systems worldwide. WADE defines DE as the production of electricity at the point of use, regardless of fuel, size or technology. Some examples of DE include:

  • high-efficiency cogeneration/CHP
  • on-site renewable energy systems
  • other onsite power systems and energy- recycling systems, including the use of waste gases, waste heat and pressure drops to generate electricity on-site.

WADE’s objectives and programmes

  • promote DE around the world by educating the public and private sector about the economic, environmental and reliability/security advantages of decentralized energy
  • support policies that advance DE and eliminate barriers to the deployment of efficient DE systems, thereby creating significant market opportunities for the industry
  • compile global DE market intelligence and data
  • implement international projects and programmes that accelerate DE development
  • establish a WADE presence and network in developed and developing nations around the world.

Examples of WADE activity

  • researching all aspects of DE, including policy, regulatory, economic and environmental aspects in key countries and regions
  • creating an international network of national DE and cogeneration organizations. Current WADE network members represent Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, and the US. We are continually working to extend this network
  • providing relevant DE data and analysis to international organizations, such as World Bank divisions, UN agencies and the International Energy Agency, which have substantial influence over national policy and regulatory development
  • providing a forum for DE vendors and trade associations to meet government officials and philanthropic organizations with common goals
  • providing its members with regular e-bulletins, e-mail and alerts of news and information from around the world on key relevant aspects affecting the market for DE.

WADE’s ‘Economic Model’ – quantifying the economic and environmental benefits of DE

This unique model compares, on the basis of capital cost, retail cost, emissions and fuel use, the respective performances of DE and central power in meeting future power demand growth requirements. The results from past model runs have been striking and are linked to a strong degree on the central power need for substantial T&D investment.

  • The model has been applied to Brazil, Canada, China, Ireland, Thailand, the UK, the US, and the EU. If you want to find out more about the Model, or wish to apply it to your industry, country or region, please contact WADE, or go to the WADE website for more information.

Become a member of WADE ࢀ¦

To find out about membership rates and joining WADE, go to: www.localpower.org/membership/benefits.htm or call us to discuss in depth how WADE can power your business or organization.

WADE calendar
Date Location Event Website WADE’s role
3-7 September
Tallinn, Estonia World Energy Council
Executive Assembly 2006
www.worldenergy.org/ Participant
6-8 September Toronto, Canada Canada’s 5th Annual
Decentralized Energy
www.newera-energy.ca/activities/2006/conference/ Co-organizer
13-15 September Seattle,
7th National CHP
Roadmap Workshop
www.energetics.com Session Chair
20-22 September Taipei, Taiwan Taiwan Power Forum www.tpf.itri.org.tw/default_e.htm Speaker
3-5 October Nairobi, Kenya Humanitarian Development
www.humanitariandevelopmentprogram.org Session Chair/
30-31 October Prague
Czech Republic
7th Annual WADE Decentralized
Energy Conference and Expo
www.localpower.org Organizer
28-29 November Bangkok, Thailand Cogeneration for the
Sugar Industry
www.agra-net.com/sugarcogen Co-organizer

Wade in action

  • WADE welcomed its new Executive Director, Mr David Sweet, who took over from Michael Brown as of 1 August 2006. On 7 August David presented at ‘Energy 2006 – Your Road Map to Energy Efficiency and a Brighter Future’. This event was held in Chicago, Illinois, organized by the US government and attended by all key personnel involved in purchasing energy for government installations.
  • ‘WADE China’ was officially launched in May. WADE China seeks to continue to expand its membership. The work plan is currently being drafted and will build a series of new initiatives designed to secure better market conditions for DE and greater government and industry awareness of its cost/environmental benefits.
  • WADE has published a report requested by the Chinese government’s National Development and Reform Commission to support it in its policy development for DE.
  • WADE participated in a summit and promoted the use of DE as a strategic energy security priority. The summit was called: ‘Energy Efficiency, Energy Security, Renewable Energy: Taking Forward The Gleneagles Dialogue And The G8 St Petersburg Conclusions’.
  • The WADE India Group held a second meeting. The group’s governing documents are currently being drawn up and a launch of the organization is scheduled for later in 2006.
  • The WADE DE Economic Model continues to extend its use around the world. Recent confirmed applications for the model are: Scotland (undertaken by Greenpeace), Australia (undertaken by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization); Canada (the city of Calgary and the province of Ontario), Germany; Portugal (undertaken by COGEN Portugal) and Sri Lanka (undertaken for the European Commission).
  • WADE has published the annual World Survey of Decentralized Energy for 2006. The 4th annual survey employs updated methodology and is available for free download from the WADE website.
  • WADE is finalizing the work on its next two reports: on CHP in the cement industry, and on CHP as it relates to the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism.

WADE to host 7th Annual Conference, 30-31 October 2006, Prague, Czech Republic

The WADE Decentralized Energy Conference and Expo is the continuation of the successful series of WADE’s Annual Cogeneration and Decentralized Energy Conferences. Since 2000, WADE has gathered DE experts operating worldwide to discuss together with policymakers, clients and members of the energy community the opportunities and strategy to further promote DE and Cogeneration. The focus this year is on central and eastern Europe, but the agenda will cover DE issues worldwide.

Over 350 people are expected to participate, including:

  • energy managers
  • utilities
  • energy services companies (ESCO)
  • large private and public energy users
  • facility managers
  • operation and maintenance managers
  • energy policymakers and experts
  • banks and representatives of financial institutions
  • manufacturers and vendors of DE and cogeneration equipment.

This year’s event promises to be the best and biggest yet, so be sure to make arrangements to attend!

For more information, and sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, please contact Sytze Dijkstra at WADE: sytze.dijkstra@localpower.org.


In total, WADE’s direct and indirect membership support includes over 300 corporations around the world. Current direct WADE members include:
Capstone Turbine Corporation, USA
Caterpillar, USA
Centrax Gas Turbines, UK
Centre for Distributed Energy and Power, Australia
COGEN Europe, Belgium
COGEN India, India
COGEN Nederlands, the Netherlands
COGEN Portugal, Portugal
Cogeneration Study Commission of the Chinese Society, China
Cummins Power Generation, USA
Enercon Engineering, USA
Energy Capital PTE Ltd, Singapore
FuelCell Energy, USA
Marubeni Power International, Japan
Mitcon, India
MTU CFC Solutions, Germany
NewERA, Canada
PT Kaltimex Energi, Indonesia
Peter Brotherhood Ltd, UK
Primary Energy, USA
Rolls-Royce Marine, Norway
Siemens, Germany
Solar Turbines, USA
Statoil, Norway
Tedom, Czech Republic
Thermax, India
Turbomeca, France
UK CHP Association, UK
US CHP Association, USA
Wärtsilä, Finland


Richard Brent, WADE Chairman, Director of Government Affairs, Solar Turbines, United States

Tom Casten, Past Chairman of WADE, President and CEO, Primary Energy, United States

David Fedor, Sales and Marketing, FuelCell Energy, USA

Stephen Fitzpatrick, Managing Director, Peter Brotherhood, United Kingdom

Yu Gang, Chairman, Cogeneration Study Committee, China

Tony Hynes, Vice President, Sales & Service, Capstone Turbines, United States

Simon Minett, Director, COGEN Europe, Belgium

Sunil Natu, Member Secretary, COGEN India, India

Larry Tangel, Vice President, Enercon, United States

Cristoph Vitzthum, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Wärtsilä, Finland

Contact us

If you want to find out how membership of WADE will help your organization, please contact:
David Sweet, Director, WADE, 15 Great Stuart Street, Edinburgh EH3 7TP, Scotland, UK
Tel: +44 131 625 3333 Fax: +44 131 625 3334 e-mail: info@localpower.org