A 6 kW wind turbine has been installed on a historic oil field in Wyoming in a new initiative for Casper College and the Rocky Mountain Oil Testing Center.

Output from the machine will be used to supply the oil testing centre and next year, Casper College and the RMOTC expect to commission a second small wind turbine designed to demonstrate the potential for wind energy in remote industrial and agricultural applications.

Manufactured by Proven Energy, the turbine will also serve as a training tool to educate college students.

Funding for these projects comes from a grant issued by the US Department of Energy in January 2008.

‘This project, designed to support students as they learn about wind energy technology, is ambitious and exciting’, said Clarke Turner, RMOTC director. He added: ‘It has resulted in a remarkable event: a wind turbine, the very image of new energy generation, is operating at Teapot Dome, one of the most historic oilfields in the world. This project represents new thinking in a time of great challenge in the energy arena.’