Smart Thai training workshop in session at EGAT

Bangkok, Thailand: The World Alliance for Thai Decentralized Energy (WADE Thai) and the Thai Chapter of the WADE, together with Full Advantage Co, Ltd (FA), organized a series of training workshops and corporate exchanges as part of the EU-funded programme ‘Smart/Intelligent Grid Development and Deployment in Thailand’ (Smart Thai) on 16–19 July 2012.

The first of these workshops, hosted by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), conducted specifically for participants from EGAT, focused on ‘Energy Storage and Transmission Technologies for Smart Grid’. Mr Boonmarg Smitthileela, assistant governor for Transmission System Maintenance, EGAT, and Ms Sutthiya Chantawarangul, programme officer, Operations Section, Delegation of the EU to Thailand, made the opening remarks followed by presentations from Mr Patana Sangsriroujana, assistant director, EGAT, on ‘Smart Grid Situation in Thailand’, and Mr Juergen Bender, global head Utility Solutions, Orga Systems, on issues covering ‘Energy Storage and Transmission Technologies for Smart Grid’ and ‘Global Standardization Efforts’.

Second in the series, the corporate exchange programme facilitated peer-to-peer interaction between participants, who exchanged information and real time experiences on planning, operation, and management of energy companies, utilities and other energy services between the EU and Thailand.

Four sessions ‘Network Operation & Management’, ‘Electric Vehicle (EV) and Charging Stations’, ‘Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI)’, and ‘Information and Communication Technology (ICT)’ were held as part of the event.

The series concluded with a training workshop ‘Smart Grid: Metering and Communication’ held on 19 July for PEA participants. Mr Sanguan Anutarasotti, assistant governor (ICT Business), PEA, and Ms Sutthiya Chantawarangul, programme officer, Operations Section, Delegation of the EU to Thailand, opened the session followed by a presentation from Mr Sridhar Samudrala, director Asia, WADE, on ‘Smart Grid: Fundamentals and Benefits’.

Participants at the Smart Thai Training Workshop

The Smart Thai project, which received a grant under the Thailand-EU Co-operation Facility (TEC), aims to improve the sustainable economic and social development of Thailand through the efficient delivery of sustainable, economic and secure electricity using Smart/Intelligent Grid systems based on EU models and technologies.

In order to save energy, reduce consumers’ costs and improve reliability, a Smart Grid delivers electricity from suppliers to consumers using two-way digital technology through control automation, continuous monitoring and optimization of distribution system. It facilitates communication among all the power system players, providing vertical information to all participants. Smart Grid leads to innovation in control model, higher quality of electricity and customer service, access to cleaner energy, demand response control and more sensitive energy technologies.

WADE Joins UN’s High-Level Meet on Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL)

UN Secretary-General announces new leadership for sustainable energy for the SE4LL programme.

New York, USA: WADE was invited to participate in the UN General Assembly high level meeting on ‘Sustainable Energy for All’ (SE4ALL) held on 24 September, during the UN General Assembly meeting in New York. Climate and energy initiatives were the core issues discussed at this historic event, which brought together leaders from governments, international organizations, private sector and civil society, with countries pledging several new clean energy commitments and calling for increased global co-operation in developing climate change mitigation goals.

‘Providing sustainable energy for all could be the biggest opportunity of the 21st century,’ said the Secretary-General. ‘Sustainable energy is the golden thread that connects economic growth, social equity, and a climate and environment that enables the world to thrive. This initiative is bringing together governments, the private sector, and civil society in a partnership that’s delivering real results.’

The initiative has three objectives: to provide universal energy access; to double the rate of global energy efficiency improvement; and to double the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix. The new arrangements announced by the Secretary-General for the initiative include:

• Creation of an Advisory Board, to be appointed by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The Advisory Board will provide strategic guidance in the SE4ALL initiative. Ban will co-chair the Advisory Board along with World Bank President Jim Young Kim, and its members, to be announced soon, will be selected from exceptional leaders from the private sector, civil society and governments.

• Creation of an Executive Committee, to be chaired by Chad Holliday, Chairman of Bank of America. The Executive Committee to provide operational oversight for the work of the chief executive as he carries out the work of SE4ALL.

• Ban also announced designation of Dr Kandeh Yumkella as Special Representative of the Secretary-General and chief executive for SE4ALL. The chief executive will be fully responsible for planning and implementation of the initiatives of SE4ALL.

Other new commitments lending support to the UN Programme include:

• Inter-American Development Bank (IDB): The IDB’s commitment of $5 billion over five years to SE4ALL-related work in the Latin American and Caribbean region reflects IDB’s leading role in the region’s energy sector and its interest in pursuing innovative new projects in the future.

• Philips – Lighting Centres Africa: Philips has announced it will install 100 ‘light centres’ across rural Africa. These centres, which are the size of a small soccer field and lit using a new generation of highly efficient solar powered LED lighting, will ‘extend the day’ in areas previously without electricity, thereby providing new opportunities for African communities.

• World Economic Forum Green Growth Action Alliance – Creation of Large End User Renewables Purchasing Group: The Green Growth Action Alliance, in close co-ordination with Sustainable Energy for All, will help secure financing by facilitating the pooling of funds or renewable energy purchases. This will provide confidence to lenders and enable long-term power purchase contracts with developers.

• Sustainable Endowments Institute Billion Dollar Green Challenge: The Billion Dollar Green Challenge encourages universities and other nonprofit institutions to invest a combined total of $1 billion in self-managed revolving funds that finance energy efficiency improvements. Participating institutions will reduce operating expenses and greenhouse gas emissions, while creating regenerating funds for future projects.

• Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd, the world’s largest producer of solar panels, will donate up to 300 kW of solar panels to the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo, to help the hospital reduce its dependence on expensive diesel generators and improve access to electricity.

Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL), a UN programme, launched by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in September 2011, is a global initiative to bring clean energy to people in developing countries without access to modern electricity. The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2012 the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All.

WADE Canada: 2012 Members Retreat and AGM

This year was our 10th Annual General Meeting and stakeholders from Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta came together to learn about the successes and challenges of 2011.

The event kicked off with a short presentation by RasTakac of Lethbridge College on distributed renewable generation in southern Alberta and some of the education programmes that are supporting the growth of this industry. We then heard breaking news from the Pincher Creek & District Chamber of Commerce. James Van Leeuwen presented opportunities for engagement at the planned PowerFest 2013. This event will be an annual celebration of people and progress in renewable energy developments integrating industry opportunities with community welfare. Five hundred attendees are expected to take part in the inaugural event with a vision of becoming Canada’s premier annual celebration of ingenuity, innovation and initiative with renewable energy.

For more information on how you can become a part of PowerFest 2013 contact or +1 (403) 627 5199.

The AGM segment of the Agenda presented a slate of nine board nominations plus one nomination from the floor. Members voted for all 10 nominations and the 2012 Board of Directors represents a balanced mixture of technology suppliers, research and education, professional services and utilities.

After the official business of the AGM there was a brief report on 2011 successes and challenges. WADE Canada has a growing membership of 115 members (up from 35 in 2011) and a strengthening financial position. Our services to entrepreneurs, innovators and project developers nearly doubled last year and our innovation to commercialization programme has engaged in over 30 projects with a total capital value over $730 million.

As part of the meeting, there was open and productive discussion about how last year’s substantial growth brought challenges in terms of governance and accounting practices. The challenges prompted increased support and leadership from the staff and our Board of Directors and we have become a stronger association as a result. The forthcoming Management Discussion & Analysis provides some narrative regarding the causes, management and continued efforts related to improving our governance and accounting practices. In 2012 we continue on a path of strong growth with exciting programmes and projects underway.

The solar trailer has 370 W of PV charging a battery bank. The batteries supply a 2000 W inverter allowing the trailer to act as a portable generator. The hot water system consists of 30 evacuated tubes, a circulating pump and a 300-litre hot water tank with internal coils. This system would cater for a family of four, providing 95% of their hot water needs over six months of the year and supplementing their hot water needs the rest of the year.

Following the AGM we were fortunate to have the opportunity to have a guided tour of four unique energy generation systems. The balance between transmission-connected, distribution-connected and off-grid systems is important in understanding the future of our energy industry. The overarching technologies for energy measurement and management such as those adopted by a smarter electricity grid are equally important. Aspects of all these facets of our changing energy infrastructure were demonstrated in this tour. Sites and special matter experts were:

  • Old Man River Hydro Plant, Jeff Hammond, Top Hand Industrial Services Ltd.
  • Mobile Solar System Demo Unit, ArronKoster, Top Hand Industrial Services Ltd.
  • Transmission Connected Wind Turbines, RasTakac, Lethbridge College
  • Distribution connected solar PV and wind, Jens Steenberg, homeowner and DE operator

After a full day of business and networking we were hosted by long-time WADE Canada member, Harmony Walkers, for a very special Indian Taco Tipi Dinner on the Piikani Reserve in Brocket. Harmony Walkers President, Harley Bastien, shared his stories about sustainability and invited partnerships for DE projects with the Piikani Nation.

To find out how we can help you with you decentralized energy project contact Kevin Frankowski,

WADE Showcases at the 7th Annual LNG World

Brisbane, Australia: WADE was part of the 7th Annual LNG World conference, which served as a valuable platform to address key issues in the LNG industry through well designed and well researched streams which provided insights into world LNG markets, projects, technology, trading and pricing.

Speaking at the event, David Sweet, Executive Director, WADE discussed the current global trends and challenges in the gas industry.

The World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE) was established in 1997 as a non-profit research and promotion organization whose mission is to accelerate the worldwide development of high efficiency cogeneration (CHP) and decentralized renewable energy systems that deliver substantial economic and environmental benefits.