WADE Participates in the World Energy Council (WEC) Committee for Cleaner Fossil Fuels (CFFS) Meeting

London, UK: The World Energy Council (WEC) Committee for Cleaner Fossil Fuels (CFFS) held a meeting on 13–14 April at Kensington Hilton, London, which was attended by Syed Hassan of WADE as well as delegates from the United States, Brazil, Bulgaria, France, India, Ireland, Jordan, Latvia, Poland, South Africa, Tunisia and the UK.

From left: John Hammond, Director, USEA, Barbara McKee, Chairperson, WEC, and Syed Hassan, Programme Director, WADE, at the London Meeting

Dr Hisham Khatib gave a very detailed presentation to the committee on his views of the role fossil fuels will play in the future. In his view, despite widespread discussion on increasing its use, renewable energy is expensive, intermittent, and less reliable than fossil fuels.

The secretariat gave an update to the committee on the status of the brochure on ‘Combined Heat and Power (CHP): An Approach to Reducing CO2 Emissions’. WADE assisted in producing the brochure, which has been distributed to the committee for comments several times and it was proposed that the executive summary be sent to the studies committee for review. Once approval has been given by the studies committee it will be published by the CFFS committee.

Syed Hassan
Syed Hassan, Programme Director, WADE, with delegates at WEC Conference

WADE canada – may events in review: the take-away for industry

WADE Canada attends key events to enhance the conversation and capacity for clean and decentralized energy across the country.Here are a few events that WADE Canada participated in during the month of May and the take-aways that these offered industry:

  • AUMA President’s Summit on Energy, 10–12 May
  • GHG Reduction Summit, 16–18 May
  • CED Launches Alberta Pavilion for GCEC, 10 May

AUMA President’s Summit on Energy: 10–12 May, Fort McMurray

It is well known that Fort McMurray – an urban service area in the regional municipality of Wood Buffalo that forms the centre of one of Canada’s leading hubs of oil production – represents the economic heartbeat for Alberta, so it provided a great venue for a municipal conversation on the impacts and opportunities that the energy sector can respresent for communities.

The presentations by Minister of the Environment, Rob Renner, and Minister of Energy, Ron Leipert, set the tone by outlining the ongoing battle between economic prosperity derived from oil and gas and the need to carefully manage the environment.

The Alberta Urban Municipality Association through the Alberta Municipal Service Corporation is taking a leadership role in this issue with a number of programmes designed to support the municipalities in sustainable development, energy management, and energy efficiency.

GHG Reduction Summit: 16–18 May, Edmonton

Climate Change and Emission Management Corporation (CCEMC) hosted nearly 200 participants from all aspects of the energy industry in Alberta, in Edmonton.

The CCEMC is a not-for-profit, independent organization with a mandate to expand climate change knowledge, to develop new ‘clean’ technologies and to explore practical ways of implementing them. The objective of the GHG Reduction Summit was to engage all stakeholders in discussion about removing the barriers to GHG reduction.

The speakers and panellists challenged the participants in the areas of technology and innovation; financial and human capital; and public policy to identify the questions and develop possible answers for moving forward more quickly in diversifying the energy mix and lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The Minister for the Environment, Hon. Rob Renner, set the stage for the event. He indicated that greenhouse gas reduction targets, without a plan having been agreed to in Cancun and Copenhagen, needed to be supported by protocols and technology for them to achieve real results.

Noteable presentations by Jeremy Rifkin, who presented the climate change realities, and Josh Linkner, who provoked new thinking about innovation, set up a series of workshops where participants went to work on creating some actionable ideas on how to commercialize clean technology, to attract more money to the clean energy segment, and to identify the policies and regulations that could advance the market adaptation.

It was clear in the sessions that there were a lot of good ideas but also a large gap to be bridged.

While awareness of the issue was growing there is still not a widespread consensus on the issues let alone on the solutions. There are many working on growing the clean energy markets and commercializing the technology but their efforts remain fragmented. CCEMC will take the finding from this event and will work to develop a response later this year.

CED Launches Alberta Pavilion for Global Clean Energy Congress: 19 May, Calgary

A collaboration between Edmonton and Calgary Economic Development will ensure support to local business involved in clean energy.

There were roughly 40 companies who attended the launch breakfast sponsored by Calgary Economic Development in the Global Business Centre to hear from DMG Events and WADE Canada about the opportunities for clean energy this fall.

The upcoming Global Clean Energy Congress in Calgary on 1–3 November will offer local business an opportunity to network with leading global firms that are active in advancing technologies to meet the growing needs for clean energy. In particular, the congress and exhibition will create a great venue for investors and technology providers in the ‘DealMaker’s Lounge’.

The collaboration for an Alberta Pavilion will mean that small and medium sized organizations that may not have the means to arrange their own exhibition space will be able to participate in the event and will also have the added profile of the provincial umbrella.

WADE at CABC Meeting on Shale Gas Development and its Economic Implications for the Canadian and US Economies

Washington, DC, USA: David Sweet, Executive Director, WADE participated in the conference on ‘Shale Gas Development and its Economic Implications for the Canadian and US economies’ held on 8 June by the Canadian American Business Council (CABC) and the Consumer Energy Alliance.

David Sweet
David Sweet, Executive Director, WADE, addressing delegates at the CABC Meeting

The event was attended by various delegates from US and Canada including Guy Caruso, Senior Advisor, Energy & National Security, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Jeff Braun, Manager of Environmental Affairs, Nucor Steel, Eric Spiegel, President and Chief Executive Officer, Siemens Corporation, Senator Joe Manchin (W. Va), Member, Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee, Marc LePage, Special Advisor, Climate Change & Energy, Embassy of Canada, Jim Renfroe, Senior Strategic Advisor, GE Oil and Gas, and Susannah Pierce, head of government relations for Shell Canada Ltd. who will serve as incoming CABC chair.

WADE at the Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF) 2011

Washington, DC, USA: The Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF), an annual global event dedicated to the effective delivery of humanitarian aid and development solutions provided an opportunity on 8–9 June this year for those involved in the aid, relief and development sectors to network, build partnerships and address global humanitarian and development challenges, as well as to see the latest products, technologies and services in action. WADE was represented by David Sweet, Executive Director, who spoke at the event.

Interactive and informative panel discussions engaged high calibre stakeholders from NGO, UN, government and commercial sectors with visitors and delivery suppliers. Sessions were specifically designed in line with the United Nation’s Cluster Approach, which aims to improve the effectiveness of humanitarian response by ensuring greater predictability, accountability and partnership.

NGOs, government, international agencies and service providers came together in the Experiential Zone to showcase the application of the latest products, technologies and services in a series of real-life scenarios, based on past and present crises.

WADE Participates in South-East European Business Events

Sofia, Bulgaria: David Sweet, Executive Director, WADE participated in the 7th South-East European Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Congress and Exhibition and the 2nd South-East European Conference and Exhibition on Waste Management & Recycling ‘Save the Planet’ held recently as part of the South-East European Business Events, held on 13–15 April this year.

David Sweet
David Sweet, Executive Director, WADE, in an interactive media interview for the EU Press at the conference

With over 300 exhibitors from over 30 countries, the events helped foreign delegates and participants get a unique view of the new marketing trends and provided networking with the key industry players in the Balkan region.

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