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The World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE) was established in 1997 as a non-profit research and promotion organization whose mission is to accelerate the worldwide development of high efficiency cogeneration (CHP) and decentralized renewable energy systems that deliver substantial economic and environmental benefits.

International Energy Agency uses WADE Model

New publication on international CHP benefits released

Paris, France ࢀ¢ The International Energy Agency released its new pioneering publication entitled: ‘Combined Heat and Power ” Evaluating the Benefits of Greater Global Investment’.

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The work is an effort to improve the availability of data on cogeneration and district energy. Sections one and two of the report provide updated data on CHP/DHC from around the world with an emphasis on G8+5 nations. The third section is an in-depth analysis of the potential benefits of accelerated uptake of CHP and is based largely on the WADE model.

The results show that a feasible increase in the use of CHP in the G8+5 countries could result in reduced capital costs of US $ 150 billion by 2015 rising to US $795 billion by 2030, while simultaneously reducing retail electricity prices.

Carbon emissions could similarly be reduced by 170 Mt annually by 2015 rising to 950 Mt annual reductions by 2030. The results clearly show that CHP is a cost-effective way of reducing pollution associated with the provision of electrical and thermal energy.

WADE paper disseminated at conference in Libya

DE potential for development in North Africa highlighted

Tripoli, Libya ࢀ¢ A paper from WADE was accepted for presentation at the First Conference and Exhibition on Renewable Energies and Water Desalination Technologies held from 11″13 March 2008 in Tripoli.

The conference focused on ‘Trends In Renewable Energy Technologies: A Global Perspective’. Technologies of interest included solar desalination, solar electricity and cooling, concentrating solar power, wind, fuel cells, biomass, cogeneration and hybrid systems.

New WADE Managers for China, Bangladesh, Pakistan

Warm welcome to new staff in Key DE markets

WADE is pleased to announce new Country Mangers for three important emerging DE markets: China, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Activities to promote decentralized energy in these regions will be led by Mr. Ju Ning, Mr. Chandan Lodh and Mr. Syed Hassan respectively.

All three individuals have a well-established background in promoting decentralized energy technologies and WADE looks forward to leveraging their skills to advance WADE’s goals in these regions.

If you are interested in developing DE projects in one of these countries please contact WADE.

Left to right: Mr Ju Ning, Mr Syed Hassan and Mr Chandon Lodh
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Asian audience addressed by WADE’s Director

Barriers to connecting large on-site plants highlighted

Singapore ࢀ¢ WADE’s David Sweet recently addressed the audience at the Asia Power and Energy Congress held in Singapore. Over 400 delegates were in attendance. Mr. Sweet gave a presentation entitled ‘Connecting large industrial in-house power generation capacity to the grid’ as part of the T&D Asia event that was held in parallel with the larger event

Shanghai Power Summit

Carbon trading expected to drive decentralized energy markets

Shanghai, China ࢀ¢ WADE Country Manager, China, Ju Ning, recently attended Carbon Trade China 2008 in Shanghai.

Over 300 delegates attended the event. China is the largest seller of carbon emission credits in the world. During the conference WADE discussed and shared views with policy makers, governmental officials, industry experts, and market players in terms of how carbon emission trading can help the development of decentralized energy.

WADE attends industry Canada workshop

DE espoused as potential contributor to a sustainable industrial sector

Edmonton, Canada ࢀ¢ WADE was recently on hand at the Canadian Resource Process Industries Workshop in Edmonton Canada to share its views on how DE is a means for economic diversification and improved competitiveness in the Canadian natural resource sectors.

Canadian provincial leader mets WADE

WADE director meets Saskatchewan Premier
Washington, USA ࢀ¢The Honorable Brad Wall, Premier of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, was recently in Washington to meet with US colleagues. At a luncheon organized by the Board of Directors of the Canadian American Business Council and the Natural Gas Round-table, Director David Sweet promoted the idea of decentralized energy.

WADE helps host EIA leader

Speaker at Natural Gas Round-table discusses future US energy scenarios

Washington, USA ࢀ¢ The Second Natural Gas Round-table of 2008 welcomed Director of the US Energy Information Administration Guy Caruso. Mr. Caruso explored various energy scenarios facing the US in the coming years, emphasizing the likely growth for renewables and coal alike

India decentralized energy round-table hosted

Meeting aims for consensus on best means to promote decentralized energy in India

Left: Tony Hynes (left, VP International Sales, Capstone) highlights importance of WADE India membership as Akanksha Chaurey (Associate Director TERI, Distributed Generation and Rural Electrification) considers Right: Pinaki Bhadury (Head of Business Strategy, Thermax), communicates his enthusiasm for decentralized energy while Ajit Kapadia, (Vice Chairman of the Centre For Fuel Studies and Research) looks on
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New Delhi, India ࢀ¢ WADE recently organized a round-table discussion with some of India’s key leaders in the energy sector to discuss means of moving forward the decentralized energy agenda in the country.

Participants raised various challenges and examples of approaches that have already proven successful. There was some lively discussion, but in the end the consensus was that a self-sustaining organization working full time at a national level to promote decentralized energy would be very useful.

Various approaches were suggested to make the task more manageable such as a refining scope by Indian state, economic sector or DE technology.

WADE India plans on holding a follow-up meeting by the end of June 2008. Please contact WADE’s Sridhar Samudrala if you are interested in participating: ssamudrala@localpower.org

WADE briefs international sugar industry on benefits of cogeneration

Larger system level benefits of increased cogeneration in sugar refineries emphasized

Mumbai, India ࢀ¢ The organizers of the Asia International Sugar Conference 2008 recently hosted WADE at their 14th annual conference in Mumbai.

WADE was asked to give an international overview of the use of cogeneration in the sugar industry and discuss the strategic benefits of cogeneration plants fired from sugarcane waste (bagasse).

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WADE provided data on the installed capacity of sugar bagasse plants around the world and emphasized the greater societal benefits resulting from increased investment in decentralized energy in the sugar sector.

WADE supports member organized conference

Wartsila’s second annual Flexible Power Symposium a success

Breckenridge, USA ࢀ¢ WADE recently supported Wartsila in its second annual event to highlight the advantages of flexible power.

The event attracted key members of the energy community, including executives from utilities, IPPs, and consultants to utilities.

The speakers were all well-recognized experts, knowledgeable on
the advantages of flexible generation, regional needs and industry trends.

WADE director David Sweet spoke on the ‘New Generation in the US’ panel.