The World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE) was established in 1997 as a non-profit research and promotion organization whose mission is to accelerate the worldwide development of high efficiency cogeneration (CHP) and decentralized renewable energy systems that deliver substantial economic and environmental benefits.

G8 leaders promise increased emphasis on CHP

WADE applauds G8’s call for energy efficiency and CHP

Heiligendamm, Germany After week-long talks in early June leaders of the Group of Eight leading industrialised nations (G8) emerged from their annual summit calling for international cooperation in increasing energy efficiency.

After a week of talks, G8 leaders leave the annual summit in Heiligendamm, Germany
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The WADE applauds the general interest in efficiency and welcomed specifically the promise to ‘adopt instruments and measures to significantly increase the share of combined heat and power (CHP) in the generation of electricity’.

To see the full declaration visit: www.localpower.org/getreport.php?id=968

World Energy Council launches Energy and Climate Change Study

WADE represents DE interest at report launch event

London, UK The World Energy Council (WEC) has released a major report entitled Energy and Climate Change.

The report features a section on ‘Combined heat and power and distributed generation’ including acknowledgment of the vast potential of microCHP.

Although WEC acknowledges the potential role of CHP and DE in mitigating harmful climate change the report’s main emphasis remains centralized approaches: CO2 capture and sequestration, clean coal and nuclear.

It points out that any policies aimed at promoting CHP must be tailored to specific local circumstances.

WADE will continue to work with WEC to raise the profile of DE on its agenda and bring to the attention of WECs members the many benefits that DE has to offer in addition to a lower carbon footprint.

Peter Brotherhood’s Joe Knowles represented WADE at the meeting. To read the full report visit: www.localpower.org/getreport.php?id=975

WADE and PennWell announce strategic partnership

Alliance will bring potential of DE to broader audience

London, UK WADE and PennWell Corporation, organisers of POWER-GEN Europe, today announced a strategic partnership to increase awareness of decentralized energy technology, with a dedicated venue enabling operators and manufacturers to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in a cost-effective manner.

The POWER-GEN Europe 2008 Cogeneration and On-Site Power Production (COSPP) Pavilion will meet growing market demand for a wider perspective on power generation.

Letter Asks US Senate to Consider Pro-DE Legislation

WADE Joins Call for National Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS)

Washington, USA WADE has joined a number of American organizations to call for legislation requiring energy efficiency to be considered as an alternative to new central generation plants by utilities across the country.

In a letter, the US Senate, WADE and the other signatories, described the EERS by stating: “No other policy can deliver what EERS offers: a significant reduction in demand for electricity and natural gas, savings of well over $25 billion, and a huge down payment on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, all by 2020”.

WADE supports third DE conference in China

WADE continues to build presence in China

Guangzhou, China The 2007 International Conference on Decentralized Energy was held June 21-22 in the capital of China s Guangdong Province. The event was the third major international event focusing on DE and built on the past two events co-organized by WADE in 2006 and 2004. The event highlighted the strategic importance of DE to Southern China, and attracted some 300 attendees from around the world. WADE Chairman Mr. Richard Brent chaired the event and also presented the results of WADE s recent research recommending DE policy for Guangdong province.

Aid meeting highlights opportunity for WADE

WADE represents DE sector at Scottish Enterprise-organized meeting

Edinburgh, UK WADE recently attended a workshop on aid-funded business with the UN, World Bank and Asian Banks held in Edinburgh, UK. The aim of the meeting was to highlight funding opportunities to promote sustainable development projects around the world.

WADE UK Department of Trade and Industry uses WADE model as basis of reports

Studies call for increased DE

London, UK The UK DTI has unveiled its most recent energy white paper as a follow up to last year”s energy review. DE continues its emergence as a key government priority. Specific proposals aimed at increasing the UK”s share of DE include:

  • more flexible market and licensing arrangements for distributed, low carbon electricity supply, to be implemented by the end of 2008;
  • greater clarity on the terms offered by energy suppliers to reward microgenerators for the excess electricity they produce and want to export back to the grid;
  • provision of information and advice to those individuals, communities and developers considering distributed energy solutions, alongside advice on energy saving; and
  • incentivising Distributed Network Operators to ensure more efficient and speedy connection to networks.
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The DTI has also published a special Review of Distributed Generation outlining specific methods for reaching the above goals. Both documents employ the WADE Economic Model as the foundation on which to base their findings.

To see either of the documents visit the WADE website.

WADE exhibits at Chicago conference

WADE reaches out to greater power industry at electric power event

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Chicago, USA WADE was on hand at the recent Electric Power event held in Chicago to represent the DE sector and promote DE”s benefits to power sector professionals. The annual event drew thousands of attendees interested in the power sector from North America and beyond.Throughout the week the WADE booth saw much interest which suggests that DE is set be of increasing prominence at future events.

WADE co-hosts US presidential candidate to discuss energy security

Senator Brownback calls for increased energy independence for United States

Washington, USA WADE recently co-hosted the inaugural Primary Energy 2008: Presidential Candidate Series in Washington.

The non-partisan series of speeches is designed to provide a venue for 2008 US presidential candidates to address the issue of energy security. DE can make an important contribution to energy security.

Although Mr. Brownback did not address the issue of decentralized energy explicitly in his address, many of his arguments made clear that DE has an important role to play in increasing energy independence in America and around the world.

UN climate body cites WADE work

IPCC identifies DE as key climate change mitigation strategy

Bangkok, Thailand The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has drawn upon WADE research for its most recent report on the ‘Mitigation of Climate Change’.

The Chapter on Energy Supply includes a section dedicated to “Decentralized Energy”. The merits of DE as stated in the report include:

  • reduced need for costly transmission systems and shorter times to bring on-stream;
  • substantially reduced grid power losses over long transmission distances resulting in deferred costs for upgrading transmission and distribution infrastructure capacity to meet a growing load;
  • improved reliability of industrial parks, information technology and data management systems including stock markets, banks and credit card providers where outages would prove to be very costly;
  • proximity to demand for heating and cooling systems which, for fossil fuels, can increase the total energy recovered from 40-50% up to 70-85% with corresponding reductions in CO2 emissions of 50% or more;
  • zero-carbon, renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and biomass are widely distributed 35 and useful resources for DES. However developing decentralized mini-power grids is usual practice if these sources are to make significant local contributions to electricity supply and also emission reductions.


To learn more new WADE members visit: www.localpower.org/abt_members.html

Recycled Energy Developments joins WADE

New WADE member profitably reduces pollution in industrial facilities

Chicago, USA Recycled Energy Development (RED) – a new company formed by former WADE chairman Thomas Casten – cuts greenhouse gases profitably through the development and ownership of energy recycling facilities.

RED captures waste heat from industrial operations in order to produce electricity and useful steam, often without burning any additional fuel or emitting any additional pollution or greenhouse gases.

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For industrial partners, RED reduces energy costs substantially, increases reliability, and offers the opportunity for emissions credits.

Genoa School of Engineering joins WADE

Italian academic hub for DE research newest WADE member

Genoa, Italy The Savona Campus of Genoa University is the Italian leader in DE research with an established research competence in sustainable energy research. Specialized expertise includes wood-fuel thermo-chemical characterization and rapid-growth hardwood forestation techniques as well as with several already operational DE technologies. In house infrastructure includes a woodchip gasifier, various microturbines, and fuel cell installations. WADE looks forward to cooperating with the campus to build academic excellence in the field of DE across Europe.

WADE market analysis reports on China and India

WADE is pleased to announce the latest two reports in its series of high quality Market Analyses studies.

In response to the popularity of the 2005 series of Market Analyses reports focusing on major emerging markets, WADE has updated the information and included new analysis on two of the world’s key markets for decentralized energy – China and India.

The reports provide data and analysis not available elsewhere for these important markets. The reports are free for WADE members. For non-members each report costs $3000.00 or two for $5000.00.

Please contact WADE’s Jeff Bell for more information (jeff.bell@localpower.org).

WADE launches new website

Improved content and navigability featured

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Washington, USA WADE has launched its redesigned website with improved navigability and detailed background information on decentralized energy technologies, barriers and policies.

Please take some time to explore the new site and send any thoughts or feedback to info@localpower.org

WADE provides keynote at renewable energy event

Potential for decentralized renewables highlighted

Brattleboro, USA WADE member Mr. Ross Kiddie from Capstone represented WADE at the first annual Vermont Distributed Energy Conference which was held May 15th in Brattleboro.

In his presentation Mr. Kiddie discussed the strategic advantages of DE to the state with specific attention paid to the potential for microturbines in rural applications.

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