The World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE) was established in 2002 as a non-profit research and promotion organization whose mission is to accelerate the worldwide development of high efficiency cogeneration (CHP) and decentralized renewable energy systems that deliver substantial economic and environmental benefits.

WADE to partner with IEA in new CHP initiative

WADE attends inaugural meeting

Paris, France – WADE was well represented at a recent IEA meeting in Paris by Chairman Richard Brent, former Chairman Tom Casten, member Pinaki Bhadury and Executive Director David Sweet. All were on hand at the kickoff meeting of an international collaborative effort undertaken by the IEA that will focus on CHP and district heating and cooling. Participants discussed the possible role that the collaborative could play in areas such as data collection and best practices.

WADE Board members and member companies pose for a group photo at the inaugural IEA Cogeneration and District Energy project meeting
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WADE China meeting held

WADE Chair builds support for China initiatives on Beijing trip

Beijing, China – WADE Chairman Richard Brent was in Beijing recently to help build support for WADE China initiatives. Brent sought expressions of interest of individuals to Chair the group and invited ideas for a work plan for the coming years in addition to the current work underway.

WADE chairs panel at UNIDO meeting

Potential of CHP in CDM highlighted

Vienna, Austria – The Expert Group Meeting on Industrial Energy Efficiency and Energy Management Standards was organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). Based on WADE’s recent work highlighting the potential of cogeneration in the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism framework, the organizers consulted WADE while planning the event and invited WADE to attend. WADE gave a presentation at the panel during the ‘Status of Energy Efficiency under the CDM and JI’ session and chaired the ‘combined heat and power (CHP) projects and the CDM’ panel.

Gas leaders meet to discuss industry regulation

WADE chairs International Gas Union Working Group Meeting on Gas Regulation

Vienna, Austria – WADE Executive Director David Sweet chaired a meeting of the International Gas Union (IGU) committee that is preparing a global study on regulation of the natural gas industry. The Vienna meeting was attended by an international group of experts on energy regulatory issues. Joining the meeting was Walter Boltz, the head regulator in Austria. Boltz also serves as Chair of the Gas Working Group of the European Regulators Group for Electricity and Gas.

WADE Executive Director joins head Austrian gas regulator Walter Boltz and Margot Loudon from Eurogas
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EU Directorate seeks WADE as Associate

WADE joins Sustainable Energy Europe campaign as campaign Associate

Brussels, Belgium – WADE has been invited by the EU Directorate General for Energy and Transport to become a strategic partner to the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign. WADE will work with the campaign partners to further the goal of sustainable energy in Europe. In exclusive Associate meetings WADE will highlight the importance of DE in furthering the campaign goals.

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Alternatives to nuclear in Iran

WADE Economic Model Study launched at Greenpeace Middle East Campaign in Iran

Tehran, Iran – The WADE Economic Model study for Iran, which was completed in February this year, was presented in Iran during a series of events in the Middle East by Greenpeace International. The report and campaign highlighted the opportunities and benefits of decentralized energy and energy efficiency in the Middle East, as alternative to nuclear power generation. The report is available in both English and Farsi.

WADE hosts Staff Director of US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee

Natural Gas Roundtable explores prospects for US response to climate change

Washington, USA – Bob Simon, Staff Director of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, addressed a recent luncheon meeting of the Natural Gas Roundtable lunch in Washington. The meeting was hosted by WADE director David Sweet, who also serves as Roundtable president. The prospects for energy, environmental and climate change legislation for the 110th Congress was discussed.

India ready to capitalize on DE

WADE article highlights the promise of DE for India

New Delhi, India – In a guest editorial for the Indian Business Times WADE’s Jeff Bell explained why India is an ideal market for increased investment in DE.

WADE reaches out to network industry

Presentation highlights usefulness of DE to T&D industry

Prague, Czech Republic – WADE spoke at the Transmission and Distribution Europe conference in Prague on 6-8 March.

The presentation was part of the ‘Networks of the Future’ session, and discussed the benefits DE can provide for network operators in terms of cost savings, reduced losses and improved reliability.

The presentations were followed by a lively discussion about the importance of increasing the understanding of the impact of DE on networks to improve the performance of electricity grids in Europe.

Study highlights potential for DE in Scotland

Greenpeace-commissioned work builds on previous WADE findings

Edinburgh, UK – Greenpeace released its latest report in a series which highlights the strategic value of decentralized energy for the UK. The report, ‘Decentralizing Scottish Energy: Application of the WADE Economic Model to Scotland’, builds on previous reports which focused on the UK as a whole as well as looking at the cities of Edinburgh and London individually. The specific conclusions of the report include:

  • Decentralizing the electricity supply system offers a cheaper and more effective way to reduce CO2 emissions than nuclear power.
  • DE systems reduce gas consumption and dependency on imported gas.
  • DE and renewables buffer the impact of possible fossil fuel price rises on electricity costs for consumers.
  • DE could help cushion investment costs for the required electricity network upgrades and additions in Scotland.
  • Demand growth trends are highly significant in determining future costs and CO2 emissions.

WADE builds presence in renewable industry

Importance of decentralized renewables highlighted at international event

Las Vegas, USA – One of the world’s biggest renewable energy conferences was recently held in Las Vegas and WADE was in attendance to help raise the profile of decentralized renewables. More than 1000 delegates attended the Power-Gen Renewable Energy & Fuels event. WADE member companies Solar Turbines and Capstone Turbines were on hand to demonstrate how their products are well suited for using biomass-based fuel stocks efficiently and cleanly.

Allen McNair and Rene Flores were on hand to show how Capstone microturbines are ideal for biogas applications
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WADE Member Solar Turbines had to explain that PV and solar thermal are the only types of ’solar’ when it comes to renewable energy. Their turbines can also be fuelled by bio fuels.
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WADE input sought in US National Energy Efficiency Standard

Best methods for quantifying DSM savings discussed

Washington DC, USA – The North American Energy Standards Board recently hosted a meeting to develop national industry standards a standardized method for quantifying benefits, savings, cost avoidance and/or the reduction in energy demand and usage derived from the implementation of demand-side management and energy-efficiency programmes.

No consensus was reached at the meeting as to the best approach but WADE will continue its involvement as the process goes forward.

Decentralized energy focus at annual power sector event

WADE to organize session at Power-Gen International

New Orleans, USA – WADE has been invited to sit on the Program Committee for the upcoming Power-Gen International meeting to be held in New Orleans 11-13 December 2007. WADE will be organizing and chairing the session: ‘Global Opportunities and Trends in Onsite Power, Decentralized Energy and CHP’.

WADE meets with US gas distribution companies

AGA meeting brings together industry and government

Jacksonville, USA – WADE supported and attended the AGA Public Affairs forum.

This event included senior industry executives, as well as key Congressional members and staff, including Congressman Putnam from Florida who serves in the Republican leadership.


In search of WADE research projects and proposals
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WADE has a long history of helping public and private sector institutions around the world to understand and realize decentralized energy (DE) benefits and opportunities through its tradition of thorough and comprehensive research. In addition to WADE’s regular publications, reports and market studies, WADE has participated in successful projects, conferences and educational campaigns, working with a range of governments, national and international organizations. WADE’s contribution to these projects includes:

  • WADE Economic Model – computer modelling of the economic and environmental impacts of DE in a specified area
  • DE Potential Analysis – assessment of the potential for developing DE in a specified area
  • DE Policy Best Practice Review – international overview of policy mechanisms for DE
  • DE Technology Status Review – overview of the performance and market-readiness of DE technologies
  • DE Project Best Practice Case Studies – overview of successful DE case study projects worldwide relevant to a specified area
  • Education and Outreach Programs focusing on DE, environment and economic efficiency.

Are you aware of any opportunities where WADE can bring its expertise to bear? Please contact WADE and let us know how we can help your company or organization.



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Please send your resume/CV and a cover letter indicating any specific research areas related to energy and the environment where you could provide immediate research capability, by e-mail to:

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The World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE) is looking for individuals to work on a part-time basis as regional and country representatives. While a technical background is not required, the individuals will have a solid understanding of the dynamics of the energy industry along with exceptional public and private sector contacts. You will represent WADE at events and meetings, devise and implement strategies for greater deployment of decentralized energy and work to establish WADE country chapters.

Please provide a resume/CV and cover letter explaining your relevant experience within a particular region or country as well as specific details of your ability to leverage existing networks and contacts in the area, by e-mail to:

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