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The World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE) was established in 2002 as a non-profit research and promotion organization whose mission is to accelerate the worldwide development of high efficiency cogeneration (CHP) and decentralized renewable energy systems that deliver substantial economic and environmental benefits.

UK DG consultation initiated

UK Government engaged on DE issue calls for comments
London, UK ࢀ¢ On November 1st the UK government launched its public consultation paper: Distributed energy: a call for evidence.

Evidence is being sought for the economic social and environmental benefits of DE. Submissions are being sought from the general public up until 2 January 2007.

WADE is planning on contributing a submission and we encourage all of our members to also do so. The outcome of this work will feed into the Energy White Paper in 2007.

The public consultation on DE arises directly from the July 2006 UK Energy Review. One of the Review’s nine chapters is focused on DE and one concrete action that arose from the Review related to DE was commissioning ‘a high-powered investigation of the potential of distributed energy as a long-term alternative or supplement to centralized generation, looking at the full range of scientific, technical, economic and behavioural issues.’

In partnership with Greenpeace and other UK green groups WADE played an important role in ensuring that DE was on the agenda in the energy review.

Powering Edinburgh campaign launched

Modeling work by WADE helps inspire municipal government to explore DE potential
Edinburgh, UK ࢀ¢ The debate surrounding DE is picking up in the UK as evidenced by the 8 November launch of a report which explores various energy investment options for the city of Edinburgh.

The report was commissioned by Greenpeace in association with the Edinburgh City Council.

The work builds on economic modeling conducted by WADE for the UK as a whole.

The conclusions show that only by investing in DE can the city simultaneously realize its emission reduction targets while reducing its dependence on gas and primary energy consumption to meet future needs.

WADE Executive Director hosts FERC Commissioner

Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner speaks at Washington luncheon Washington, USA ࢀ¢ On Tuesday 28 November, 2006 Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner (FERC) Commissioner Marc Spitzer spoke at a roundtable, chaired by WADE Director David Sweet. Spitzer, who was recently appointed to FERC, shared his views on regulation and public service.

Humanitarian Development Summit concludes

WADE brings DE message to development community at major international conference
Nairobi, Kenya ࢀ¢ WADE representatives recently attended the international Humanitarian Development Summit in Nairobi.

The event brought together various high profile organizations from the United Nations, as well as important international development banks, non-government organizations and private sector companies with an interest in international aid and development.

WADE presented in the plenary session on ‘environment’ and spoke on the potential value of DE for providing urban and rural poor access to clean, affordable, electricity.

Scottish leaders take interest in DE

WADE presents at Scottish leadership conference
Oban, UK ࢀ¢ WADE presented its preliminary findings of the WADE Economic Model application to Scotland at a side-event of the Scottish Labour Conference in Oban on 24 November.

The WADE study outlines how DE can help meet Scotland’s future electricity demand and cut CO2 emissions cost-effectively. At the meeting Scotland’s Communities Minister Malcolm Chrisholm emphasized the Government’s interest in DE and its plans for the future.

New group calls for clean technology

WADE supports Canadian coalition in efforts to promote DE as coal phased-out
Ottawa, Canada ࢀ¢ The Alliance for Clean Technology (ACT) initiative was launched to bring together an extremely diverse group of players to promote ‘clean technology’ (including DE).

The initiative is in response to Ontario’s continued commitment to phase out coal power generation where it currently represents about a third of the region’s generation. ACT sees clean technology as the logical means of filling the supply gap thus created.

The coalition includes a wide range of industry groups, environmental groups, trade unions, government departments and equipment providers.

Natural gas regulation

IGU working group to report on regulation and industry structure
Toledo, Spain ࢀ¢ WADE Director David Sweet, is chairing the International Gas Union study on natural gas regulation and future industry structure.

The group had its first meeting in Toledo where the work plan was established. The study will be presented at the next World Gas Conference in Buenos Aires.

WADE promotes DE at Latin American development forum

Need for integration of DE in energy planning in Latin America
London, UK ࢀ¢ On 14 November WADE attended ‘Latin America. New Challenges New Responses’ at Chatham House in London.

Tom Casten accepts ‘WADE Hall of Fame’ award
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The Energy session featured speakers from the Inter-American Development Bank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Economist Intelligence Unit and the BP Group.

During the session WADE highlighted the need for energy planners to consider both demand and supply side efficiency measures.

Clean Development Through Cogeneration report released

Groundbreaking WADE report provides guidance for project developers employing the Clean Development Mechanism
Edinburgh, UK ࢀ¢ On 30 October WADE launched its latest research report: Clean Development through Cogeneration: CHP Projects in the Clean Development Mechanism (pictured right).

The report shows that cogeneration projects represent 20% of all registered projects in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol, and account for emission reductions of more than 3.5 Mt/yr.

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It examines the current status of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) projects in the CDM, and analyses the potential for future projects in specific sectors and countries.

It is designed to be a guide for those looking to implement a CHP project within the CDM.

The report is available for free download from:

Global Communications

The importance of communication in advancing industry goals was highlighted at WADE’s recent annual conference in Prague.

President/CEO and Co-Founder of the Entertainment Industry Council, Bryan Dyak, discussed the substantial gains that an industry stands to receive through the creative use of the media in communicating social messages.

Brian Dyak, President/CEO of the Entertainment Industry Council
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Brian’s team was present in Prague to photo-document the proceedings and interview some of the world’s leading DE experts in attendance.

In Prague WADE also created a communications committee that will work to advance the DE message and build support for programs and policies that will lead to greater deployment of DE.

Depending on the level of industry support, this media campaign could include production of a documentary on DE or a series of mini-docs on subsets of the technology. If you are interested in getting involved with this effort please contact us for further details.

WADE is also in the process of improving and expanding its member and industry communication tools. A members-only news service was recently launched as well as a monthly newsletter detailing global DE policy and commercial developments.

If you would like to receive the free monthly newsletter please send an email to info@localpower.org.

WADE conference comes to a close

7th annual event brings DE message to eastern and central Europe
Prague, Czech Republic ࢀ¢ WADE’s seventh Annual Conference and Expo brought together delegates from over 35 countries to network and listen to two days of presentations outlining the latest news and developments in the world of DE. Featured presentations included:

Czech Hosts at conference dinner (l-r): Josef Jelecek, Vlado Murar, Lubos Nedvedicky, Milan Grohmann
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  • Tom Kerr, from the International Energy Agency, outlined the IEA’s plan for action in response the Gleneagles dialogue. Part of the response includes increased focus on CHP as a ‘low cost or negative CO2 abatement measure’, as reflected in a new IEA CHP program.
  • Guido de Wilt, of the European Commission, reviewed existing EU legislation related to DE and outlined programs that the audience could be interested in becoming involved in.
  • Gal Luft, of the Institute for the Analysis for Global Security, presented a keynote speech highlighting the role of DE in reducing society’s vulnerability to natural disaster, sabotage and terrorism.

Planners meet to discuss decentralized energy

Obstacles presented to decentralized energy arising from planning laws discussed at WADE conference
Prague, Czech Republic ࢀ¢ A side meeting in Prague co-organized by WADE and the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) of the UK brought together planners from six countries to discuss common barriers faced by DE developers as a result of planning regulations.

Various planning rules and application procedures were discusses and common barriers were identified.

The meeting builds on the TCPA’s international Advocacy, Participation and NGOs in Planning initiative.

The meeting was the first meeting where decentralized energy was the main focus of discussion.

For more information please visit the APanGo site or the TCPA site.

DE Council Launched

WADE brings together diverse groups to promote DE
Prague, Czech Republic ࢀ¢ At WADE’s 7th Annual Conference and Expo the inaugural meeting of the newly formed DE council was held.

The idea of the council is to bring together industry involved in DE (as represented by various trade associations interested in CHP or renewables) with environmental groups and other NGOs with an interest in promoting sustainable energy.

Over 25 participants from 13 different countries attended the meeting including, REEEP, The Alliance for Rural Electrification, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and various trade associations representing cogeneration and renewables.

Contact WADE’s Jeff Bell if you are interested in learning more.

New EU commission RFP

EU call for proposals for clean energy investment funds.
The €80 million ‘Global Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Fund’ has been launched by the European Commission.

Developers of clean energy projects are invited to propose their plans as a basis for a clean energy investment fund. There is a special focus on small and medium sized (<30 MW) clean energy projects.

For information please contact bas.rekvelt@triodos.nl.

Call For WADE committee nominations

WADE seeks increased involvement of members
WADE has established six committees for which volunteers are required.

WADE members are invited to nominate one volunteer for each of:

International Chapters Committee, Membership Committee, Policy Committee, Program and Business Development Committee, Communications Committee.

WADE seeks outside experts for advice

Along with the five member-based committees WADE has also established an “Advisory Board” which will be composed of experts with an interest in DE from a wide range of non-energy related fields including planning, law and health professions.

For more details and to nominate committee members please contact WADE.

Call for Powergen Europe 2007 papers

WADE member presence requested at European conference
Please send in abstracts for the next Powergen Europe conference on 26-28 June in Madrid, Spain.

Theme 6 relates to distributed generation and small-scale power plant.

For more information visit: www.powergeneurope.com.

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