WADE in action

The World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE) was established in 1997 as a non-profit research and promotion organization whose mission is to accelerate the worldwide development of high efficiency cogeneration (CHP) and decentralized renewable energy systems that deliver substantial economic and environmental benefits.

WADE and CSIRO organize international DE conference in Australia

Sydney, Australia ࢀ¢ WADE and CSIRO organized a conference, which was held on 20ࢀ”21 November 2008 in Sydney. The focus of the event was to examine the impact of embedded generation, energy efficiency and small-scale renewables ࢀ” from both a technology and a policy viewpoint.

David Sweet, executive director WADE, with Stephen Oxley, co-chair Asia Pacific Partnership Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation Task Force, Australia assistant secretary for Renewables and Energy Efficiency
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The delegates had the opportunity to visit the CSIRO Energy Centre in Newcastle, New South Wales. Sridhar Samudrala from WADE provided an overview of South Asia’s DE situation and the vast potential for CHP and off-grid power in India. WADE executive director, David Sweet, helped chair the event which was sponsored by Wärtsilä. Jacob Klimstra from Wärtsilä presented on the energy/fuel debate, and how the world should view it. Jim Crouse from Capstone finished off the day with a presentation on new microturbine technology.

WADE at POWER-GEN International 2008
Discussions held on power industry’s future

Orlando, USA ࢀ¢ As a member of the program committee, WADE helped organize POWER-GEN International, which was held 2ࢀ”4 December in Orlando, Florida. High-impact networking events, including the new Power Engineering Networking Reception, Projects-of-the-Year Gala, Networking Roundtable Breakfasts, and more, were all part of the action.

The conference saw some of the leading subject matter experts sharing their practical experiences, knowledge, and ideas on the latest power industry trends and challenges.

POWER-GEN International, held in Florida in November, attracted over 1200 companies
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The world’s largest industry exhibition floor ࢀ” featuring more than 1200 companies ࢀ” was the main attraction of the event.

WADE and Wärtsilä host POWER-GEN cocktail reception
Event brings together members, clients and friends

Orlando, USA ࢀ¢ WADE and Wärtsilä hosted a cocktail reception for the members, clients and friends associated with the two organizations. The reception was held in conjunction with POWER-GEN International and brought together a broad array of industry leaders on 2 December 2008 in Florida.

Natural gas roundtable features election analysis
Bernadette Budde offers overview of US political scene

Washington DC, USA ࢀ¢ WADE executive director, David Sweet, welcomed Bernadette Budde, senior vice president of BIPAC, as the guest speaker to the Natural Gas Roundtable on 13 November.

Based on her experience from 15 consecutive election cycles, Ms Budde offered up a thorough analysis of the US election results and the potential impact on energy policy going forward.

WADE and REEEP collaborate to promote access to energy systems and services
MOU signed with leading global energy organization

Washington DC, USA ࢀ¢ WADE and the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) outlining future collaborative efforts between the two groups. Both share the objective of promoting access to energy systems and services that foster a sustainable energy market in developing countries.

The provisions of the MOU include an agreement to: commit to co-operate ࢀ” on the basis of an exchange of relevant information, expertise and viewpoints ࢀ” in order to develop and reinforce potential synergies, enhance public dialog, and thrive to implement common positions; make use of each others’ institutional structures, especially WADE national level focal points and REEEP regional secretariats; share best practices, tapping into global expertise and project financing opportunities, and raising the profile of local and regional expertise and projects; exchange information about projects or other initiatives in order to identify compatibilities, to create synergies, and to avoid overlapping actions.

Additional information about REEEP can be found at: www.reeep.org

WADE chairs Brazilian cogeneration conference
Market potential for DE in South America discussed

Sao Paulo, Brazil ࢀ¢ WADE participated in the Cogeneration Brazil conference held on 11ࢀ”12 November 2008. Katherine Fierro, country manager of WADE Peru, chaired the conference and spoke on cogeneration in Peru and its national and technological potential.

Ahmed Mohamed Alilbrahim (Kenana Sugar Company), Arnaldo Jardim (Commission of Mines and Energy of the Federal Chamber Brazil), Katharine Fierro (WADE Peru) and Salah Elhadi Elnur (Kenana Sugar Company)
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The conference participants also assessed the outlook for Brazilian electricity demand and prices, and analyzed how cogeneration fits into the Brazilian energy matrix. Senior decision-makers and leading experts of the global cogeneration scene gave their expert advice on cogeneration and its future impact on the country’s economy.

2009 Green Inaugural Ball
WADE joins host committee

Washington DC, USA ࢀ¢ WADE was a part of the host committee of the 2009 Green Inaugural Ball on 19 January. This historic event was held at the Smithsonian American Art Museum and National Portrait Gallery. The ball was in honour of US President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, and Vice President Joseph Biden and Jill Biden. Former Vice President Al Gore was the Honorary Chair. The main focus of the event was to showcase the breadth and depth of the network of organizations, corporations and individuals, creating the new energy economy.

WADE offers briefing on international energy markets
The role of DE in India highlighted

Hyderabad, India ࢀ¢ Sridhar Samudrala, Asia director of WADE, gave a presentation at the Administrative Staff College of India, on 11 November on international energy markets and explained how decentralized energy can play a vital role in managing the energy resources in India.

Showing the importance of energy conservation and environmental preservation, he stressed the need for energy efficiency. He explained how WADE works to accelerate the worldwide development of high efficiency cogeneration, on-site power and decentralized renewable energy systems that deliver substantial economic and environmental benefits. He reiterated that the wider use of DE is a key solution to bringing about the cost-effective modernization and development of not only India’s, but the world’s electricity systems.

WADE paper disseminated in Slovenia
Discussion focused on energy efficiency in power production and distribution

Ljubljana, Slovenia ࢀ¢ On 11 November 2008, Dr Kevin Rosner, WADE’s representative in Brussels, presented a paper on the efficiency and security advantages of cogeneration, at a meeting organized and sponsored by the UK Embassy in Slovenia, held at Castle Jablje.

The meeting brought together participants from the energy efficiency and power communities across south-eastern Europe as well as from international organizations. Countries represented were Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Ukraine among others. International organizations which participated were UNDP, the European Commission, and the European Energy Secretariat. UK Ambassador Tim Simmons opened the day-long examination of efficiencies to be gained in E&P production, which included a session on best practices in energy efficiency policies within the UK’s legal framework.

WADE participated both in a formal session on energy efficiency in power production and distribution, as well as in a lengthy Q&A session moderated by Ms Aminda Leigh, who serves as an editorial consultant for National Geographic, Italy.

The need for greater efficiencies in power generation and utilization is clearly evident across south-eastern Europe where the cost of energy for residential and industrial consumers is of major economic and political concern to governments and individuals.

The WADE Brussels’ office participated in this outreach event to highlight its willingness to partner with member states and corporate partners across central and eastern Europe on cogeneration project development and raising awareness.

Richard Brent of SolarTurbines receives Asia Pacific Partnership award
Former WADE chairman recognized for contributions to APP

Ken Nolen, Vice President for Power Generation at SolarTurbines, presented Richard Brent (right): ‘With great appreciation in representing SolarTurbines in the Asia Pacific Partnership and your dedication and success in the coke oven gas applications projects.’
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