WADE members Hear from FERC

Commissioner Wellinghoff addresses Natural Gas Roundtable

WADE Chairman Christoph Vitzthum visits with FERC Commissioner Wellinghoff
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WADE Chairman, Christoph Vitzthum, was on hand along with other WADE members to hear from FERC Commissioner Jon Wellinghoff at the July meeting of the Natural Gas Roundtable in Washington, DC. Commissioner Wellinghoff’s priorities at FERC include opening wholesale electric markets to renewable resources, providing a platform for participation of demand response and other distributed resources in wholesale electric markets including energy efficiency and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and promoting greater efficiency in our nation’s energy infrastructure through the institution of advanced technologies and system integration. Among other things, the Commissioner discussed the importance of distributed power in meeting the future energy demands of the United States.

WADE Meets with academic, industry and policy leaders in South Africa looming power shortages produce opportunities for on-site power

WADE staff and members met with key players during a recent visit to South Africa.

WADE is partnering with the University of Witwatersrand to develop policies and programme throughout Southern Africa that will advance the market for decentralized energy and help alleviate the power crisis in the region. South Africa is facing massive power shortages which are being “solved” by load shedding in the short-term, while it continues to generate almost 90% of its power with coal. The South African power company, Eskom, accounts for more CO2 emissions than most countries, earning it the number 2 spot among all CO2 emitters at over 200 million tons per year. There are, however, indicators of a growing sensitivity to environmental concerns, with new policy proposals that would emphasize efficiency and cleaner generation technologies, such as cogeneration and on-site power. WADE is working with various private, public and academic stakeholders in South Africa to try and advance the deployment of decentralized energy alternatives and develop the resident capacity to take advantage of global incentive mechanisms to reduce emissions.

Vietnam Energy and Power 2008

Conference Focused on Power Generation and Renewable Energy Production

Hanoi, Vietnam – WADE participated in Vietnam Energy and Power 2008. The main focus of this event was to convene key government and business leaders in the areas of power generation, electricity transmission and distribution, energy supply, renewable energy production, finance, regulation and investment. The agenda addressed some of the vital questions related to power generation, as well as critical issues and challenges facing the energy and power industry of the Mekong region. It was a must-attend event for many stakeholders currently operating in the region and for those looking at investing and expanding into Vietnam’s energy and power sector. Ludovic lacrosse of WADE, was one of the key speakers at this event.

Southern Cone and carbon markets

Roundtable in South America August 12-13, 2008

Katharine Fierro, Peru Country Manager for WADE, attended the Southern Cone Roundtable, held in Buenos Aires this past August. The roundtable brought together energy authorities to discuss a host of energy policy and technology issues facing the Southern Cone region. WADE participated as one of the key event supporters.

Power-Gen Europe

WADE presents and exhibits at Power-Gen Europe

COSPP Pavilion Launched to Global Audience
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WADE was on-hand to speak at this year’s Power-Gen Europe in Milan, Italy. WADE also exhibited at the event which attracted over 12,000 visitors. This year’s Power-Gen Europe marked the launch of the COSPP Pavilion, which focused on cogeneration and on-site power in recognition of the growing market for these technologies in Europe and around the world.

The first cogeneration Plant in Peru

Sudamericana de Fibras (SdeF)

Enrique Gubbins, General Manager – Sudamericana de Fibras; Katharine Fierro, Country Manager – WADE Peru
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SUDAMERICANA DE FIBRAS S.A. on July 2006, became the first company in Peru to use natural gas from the Camisea field for cogeneration. The 5.4 MW of cogenerated power supplies the industrial plant with the necessary electricity, giving more stability and continuity to the processes, and guaranteeing an uninterrupted production of DRYTEX acrylic fibers.

This past July, David Sweet and Katharine Fierro were invited by the general manager of SdF, Enrique Gubbins, to visit their second cogeneration plant which will be completed soon. This plant includes two gas turbines of 28 MW each and a heat recuperating system that will supply steam to the process. The additional 26.5 MW of power potential will be sold to EDELNOR.

WADE Peru holds inaugural event in Lima

International experts on cogeneration join in dialog on cogeneration

Gloria Pina – WEC, Guillermo Castillo Chairman -WEC Peru, Barbara N. McKee- Director Office of Clean Energy Collaboration DOE, Katharine N. Fierro – Peru Country Manager WADE
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On July 17, 2008 in Lima Peru, WADE made its official debut in Peru organizing the first international conference on “Cogeneration and Energy Efficiency.” This event was a joint effort between WADE Peru and the Peruvian Committee of the World Energy Council (WEC Peru).

The conference was conducted with the participation of senior officials from the ministries of energy in the United States, Italy, Peru, senior WADE and WADE Peru officials, the Peruvian Committee of the World Energy Council and private companies which presented their case studies of cogeneration in Peru.

Speakers included Barbara McKee from the US DOE, Enrique Gubbins from Sudamericana de Fibras, Jorge Aguinaga and Gustavo Navarro from the Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines among others. WADE Peru Country Manager, Katharine Fierro, presented details of a recent study on the market potential for cogeneration in Peru. The study determined that there is a technical national potential of cogeneration in Peru of 547 MW, a business worth in US$973 million

For more information about future activities of WADE Peru and South America, please contact Katharine Fierro at kfierro@localpower.org

WADE canada activities


Wade Canada to Bring Out Canadian Clean Energy Business Directory

The inaugural Canadian Clean Energy Business Directory is at the printers!

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We are now accepting entries for our 2009 Directory. All businesses with office addresses in Canada are eligible for this advertising opportunity. There is no charge for the on-line entry. Go to: #can_survey1/

WADE Canada in Dubai

Anouk Kendal, Wade Canada, Country Manager, will be visiting Dubai this October. The green building industry in Dubai has rapidly emerged as a world leader. There are opportunities for Canadian industry to exchange ideas and expertise with Dubai’s local businesses. Anouk will meet with some of the organisations working to integrate decentralized energy into buildings and communities and look for partnership opportunities that offer mutual benefits.

WADE Canada in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has one of the best developing country models for grid feeding mini hydro applications with several plants operating and independently owned. There is a current push to replicate this effort in the case of biomass (also called dendro). Rural villages are successfully operating biomass gasifiers that are designed to support rural communities. Northern parts of most of Canada’s Provinces are currently reviewing their bioenergy potential. All of our Territories are searching for proven technologies that can displace loud and inefficient diesel generators in rural communities. This October, Anouk will be visiting Colombo and its neighbouring communities to meet with representatives from Lanka Gasifiers Pvt Ltd, the Sustainable Energy Authority and other local business to visit system installations and to explore partnership opportunities.

Calling WADE Members


“Decentralized Energy Technology, Policy and Opportunities for Australia and the Asia Pacific Region”

Conference to focus on energy opportunities in Australia and Asia-Pacific

WADE and the CSIRO Centre for Distributed Energy and Power are jointly hosting a conference on “Decentralized Energy Technology, Policy and Opportunities for Australia and the Asia Pacific Region” on November 20-21 in Sydney.

This conference will include a VIP tour of the CSIRO Energy Center in Newcastle. If you or your organization would be interested in helping to sponsor this event please contact Lisa Ochs at lisa.ochs@csiro.org



WADE India to host meeting on DE

WADE India is planning another meeting with high level international speakers, including the International Energy Agency, to discuss the market for decentralized energy in India. This meeting is tentatively scheduled for October 13 in New Delhi. For further information please contact WADE’s Asia Director, Sridhar Samudrala at ssamudrala@localpower.org.

WADE Welcomes RWE npower to Membership

RWE npower biomass plant to power ‘green’ paper mill

RWE npower Cogen – the CHP division of RWE npower – announced in July 2008 plans to build a 45 MWe biomass CHP plant at Tullis Russell paper mill in Markinch, Scotland. The new plant will replace an existing coal-fired facility reducing onsite carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 250,000 tonnes per year. Capable of using recycled wood for fuel, it will also offer an alternative management solution to the landfill of waste wood. The project will consolidated Npower Cogen’s position as one of the leading industrial CHP operators in the UK with 2000 MW of plant developed since 1993.

Phil Piddington, Head of npower Cogen said: “Our plans to build a CHP plant at the Tullis Russell paper mill form an important part of our wider strategy of reducing our carbon intensity, through investment in lower or zero carbon power generation sources. This project is an excellent example of how innovative new energy technologies such as Bbomass can be deployed to help the UK energy industry – and individual businesses – to reduce their impact on the environment.”

The development has also received the backing of the Scottish Government with an £8.1 million Regional Selective Assistance grant. Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond said: “This is tremendously exciting with huge economic and environmental benefits for Scotland. The Scottish Government has fully supported the partnership working of these two leading, international companies, RWE npower Cogen and Tullis Russell”.