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WADE facilitates planning workshop for Turkish power sector


Preliminary work on WADE model application for Turkey completed

Ankara, Turkey ࢀ¢WADE recently played a key part in a series of meetings and workshops organized by the Turkish Regional Environmental Center aimed at improving internal electric system planning capacity.

WADE’s Program Director, Jeff Bell, listens as project lead Yunus Arikan explains workshop goals to participants
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One of the additional new tools being looked at by the Turkish government to help inform power sector investment decisions is the WADE model. WADE was therefore invited to provide a series of briefings of the strengths and limitations of the WADE model to various energy leaders from the Turkish energy sector.

Preliminary baseline scenarios were discussed at the workshops and the larger project is expected to wrap later in 2008.

WADE presents to policy leaders in Turkey


Delivers decentralized energy message to major conference

Istanbul, Turkey ࢀ¢ WADE Director, David Sweet, was on hand for the 14th International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference in Istanbul, which was attended by 1600 local and international participants.

His presentation to the audience, which included representatives from the Ministries of Energy and Environment, the Turkish Cogeneration Association and the Electricity Generation Companies Association focused on the opportunities for decentralized power in the rapidly growing Turkish market.

WADE speaks at COGENCanada annual conference


International perspective on DE to Canadian audience

Edmonton, Canada ࢀ¢ WADE was recently invited by the Cogen Canada team to share its perspective in a talk entitled ‘Cogeneration (CHP) Developments World Wide’.

The 2008 event was held in the city of Edmonton in Western Canada. The event attracted government and private sector participants from across the country.

WADE meets with academic and industrial institutions in Ankara, Turkey


Partnership with leading Turkish university emerges

Ankara, Turkey ࢀ¢ WADE Director, David Sweet, was invited to Ankara to meet with a cross-section of industrial companies and academic institutions.

As a result of the meetings WADE has entered into a joint effort with Baskent University to support its new Sustainable Energy Systems Research Center which will offer innovative methods and technologies, with special emphasis on the management of energy.

The center has come about as a result of National Energy Efficiency Initiative which was issued by the Prime Minister in February.

WADE addresses First Annual International Conference and Workshop on Micro-Cogeneration


Potential for microCHP is great but barriers remain

Ottawa, Canada ࢀ¢ WADE Program Director Jeff Bell recently presented at the First International Conference and Workshop on Micro-Cogeneration.

The inaugural event was held in Canada’s capital, Ottawa. WADE shared with the audience its views of the future of microCHP technologies as well as the barriers that are currently impeding its prospects in North American, European and Asian markets.

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The event attracted over 100 experts in the field of MicroCHP from all over the world including, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, the UK, and the United States.

WADE holds high profile meetings in European capital


Attends Cogen Europe Annual Conference and briefs IEA collaborative

Brussels, Belgium ࢀ¢ Cogen Europe produced another successful annual conference, “Creating a CHP roadmap for Europe” which included presentations from a number of leaders, including the Commissioner for Energy, Andris Piebalgs.

While in Brussels WADE also briefed members of the IEA International CHP/DHC Collaborative on outreach opportunities for the coming year.

WADE participates in the Carbon Market Asia 2008


Conference focuses on DE

Singapore, Singapore ࢀ¢ WADE was invited to be a part of the region’s longest running carbon markets event. The event provided an excellent platform for new project hosts to learn about the business opportunities in Asia’s carbon markets and to do business with CER bu yers.

The main mission of this event was to encourage the expansion of carbon market. One could see project developers, regulators, banks and carbon experts joining hands to discuss best practices in carbon project development and trading.

WADE Executive Director David Sweet addressed the conference and stressed on the importance of developing a strong network to make optimum use of decentralized energy.

Combining expert presentations with practical case study analysis, the seminar served as an excellent introduction to anyone wanting to further their knowledge or embark on a CDM project.

WADE Hosts Natural Gas Roundtable Meetings


Expands collaboration with Canadian interests through membership in Canadian American Business Council

Washington, USA ࢀ¢ WADE helped organize and host several recent events with the Natural Gas Roundtable of Washington and the Canadian American Business Council.

WADE Executive Director David Sweet and FERC’s Suedeen Kelly
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The Honorable Suedeen Kelly of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission discussed, among other issues, the role of renewables in the US energy mix and the outlook for climate change regulation.

Then at a meeting held jointly with the Canadian American Business Council (CABC) Senators Jeff Bingaman and Jim DeMint shared their views on energy policy. These meetings were followed by a breakfast that featured a presentation from the Honorable Robert McLeod, Minister of Industry, Tourism, and Investment for the Government of the Northwest Territories of Canada.

Minister McLeod discussed the energy and climate challenges facing the arctic. As an international non-profit with offices in the US and Canada, WADE has teamed up with the CABC and plans to continue creating high level venues for dialog and exchange.

WADE provides keynote address at premier Pakistan energy conference


DE most economic way of providing reliable power to Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan ࢀ¢ Mr. Syed Hassan, WADE Country Manager Pakistan recently attended the Pakistan Oil, Gas & Energy Conference in Pakistan 2008 in Karachi.

WADE Country Manager Pakistan addresses the plenary session
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Mr. Hassan provided the keynote address to the attendees on the potential of decentralized energy for economically meeting the energy reliability needs of Pakistan.

The event attracted more than 300 hundred attendees including major delegations from Russia, Qatar and the UAE and smaller delegations from over a dozen countries.

WADE participates in COGEN Asia 2008


Conference focused on combined heat and power development in Asia

Bangkok, Thailand ࢀ¢ WADE actively participated in COGENERATION Asia 2008, which mainly discussed centralized versus decentralized energy, energy efficiency and conservation, fuel diversity and security, clean energy, and emission reductions.

With over 45 executives from all over Asia, the event stressed the need for cogeneration/trigeneration, which offers the end users solutions to deal with rising fuel prices, increasing amounts of greenhouse gases, and threats of depleting energy sources.

Sridhar Samudrala, Asia Regional Director, WADE, chaired the event and promoted the idea of Cogeneration and its benefits. The participants focused on combined Heat and Power, Trigeneration, biofuels, and climate change mitigation options. Wartsila and Thermax (Wade members) presented at the conference and discussed the multiple options utilizing chillers and increasing energy efficiency through various new techniques.

Dr. Ing. Christoph Menke, Professor, Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment (JGSEE), Vivek Taneja, Head -Business Development, Thermax, Thomas Stenhede, Senior Application Manager, Wartsila also addressed the conference.

WADE to organize Canadian decentralized energy conference


International perspective on DE to Canadian audience

Calgary, Canada ࢀ¢ WADE, along with Canadian Energy Research Institute and OISEE, is organizing a conference to highlight the transition of Canada’s energy industry into a balanced supply mix of centralized and decentralized energy (DE).

The main focus is to gain the support of up-to-date energy management solutions to optimize the potential of the DE industry.

The conference presents papers and case studies on the following topics:

  • Global Markets: Around the World in 80 Minutes
  • Industry Transition
  • System Planning à‚— Utility Perspectives
  • Bringing New Technology to Market
  • Strategies for Supporting Small Businesses and Emerging Technologies in the DE Industry
  • Innovation
  • Quantifying the Benefits
  • Decentralized Energy in Buildings
  • Decentralized Energy Communities

The conference provides a platform for many key players of the market to exhibit their interests and build a successful marketing network.

For more information or to register please visit: #documents/event_Calgary_Alberta_09152008.html

Opportunity to participate in International Business Forum on Cooling, Heating, Energy and Environment


Exclusive for WADE members

Verona, Italy ࢀ¢ WADE Members have been invited to participate in the International Business Forum on Cooling, Heating, Energy and Environment to be held in Verona Italy the 21st to 23rd of October 2008.

There is an opportunity to have a speaking spot in the program and have costs covered. If you are interested in this opportunity please contact the organizers: Antonio Rampini – antonio.rampini@eiomfiere.it

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