The U.S. Clean Heat & Power Association is backing the introduction of H.R. 4017, the Smart Energy Act.

The bill seeks to establish financing mechanisms for energy efficiency retrofits for buildings and to set a national goal to double the amount of power generated by combined heat and power systems to 170 GW by 2020.

Currently supplying eight per cent of US generating capacity, combined heat and power systems can reach efficiencies above 80 per cent.

There is approximately 82 GW of combined heat and power installed in the U.S., which achieves a savings of 248 million metric tons of CO2 annually.

Industry estimates indicate the technical potential for additional combined heat and power at existing sites in the U.S. is between 130 and 170 GW, plus an additional 10 GW of waste heat recovery.

Referring to the Bass-Matheson bill, Executive Director Jessica Bridges said, “While 170 GW is an ambitious goal given existing state regulatory structures, establishing a CHP deployment goal and requiring the Department of Energy to provide a strategy to achieve it is nevertheless an intelligent approach to encourage further CHP deployment.

In addition, this legislation will provide a necessary source of financing for CHP installations in commercial and institutional settings. I look forward to working with Representatives Bass and Matheson to advance the legislation.”

The U.S. Clean Heat & Power Association is the voice of the combined heat and power industry.

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