Two US state universities have been chosen by the federal Department of Energy to lead one of eight regional combined heat and power (CHP) partnerships.

The University of Maine and the University of New Hampshire will oversee the CHP Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) centre in the northeastern US, which will receive over $2m in government funding.

The partnership aims to facilitate and accelerate deployment of CHP technologies in the country’s northeast by providing assistance and technical support to businesses and institutions looking to invest in the technology.

The programme will offer unbiased information and education on potential technology solutions and installation, financing and utility contracts, and evaluation of project proposals and economic viability, the University of Maine said in a statement.

The programme will also aim to provide critical outreach through education and technical expertise.

David Dvorak, UMaine professor of mechanical engineering technology and principal investigator on the project, said: “We are thrilled to be part of this important Department of Energy programme.

“CHP systems offer real solutions to today’s energy issues — supporting economic development through improved energy efficiency, increased energy resiliency, and lower energy costs.”

Image: University of Maine, Stevens Hall by NightThree/Wikimedia Commons