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UK government adds CHP requirement for new power stations

The merits of recovering waste heat from power stations have been enshrined in new UK government planning policy on the development of power plants, says the UK CHP Association. The details, contained within the National Policy Statements (NPS) issued by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC), are said to mark a step forward from the Government’s previous treatment of CHP.

Key facets of the new NPS concerning CHP and district heating now include, says the CHPA, an obligation on developers of proposals for new thermal generating stations, to consider the opportunities for CHP from the very earliest point, and that this should be adopted as a locational criterion.

As a result, CHP and district heating are now firmly on the agenda of the new Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC), as the body established by Government to consider relevant applications for energy developments.

Graham Meeks, Director of the Combined Heat and Power Association (CHPA), commented: ‘Faced with the enormous challenge of decarbonising our energy supply, it seems inconceivable that we should perpetuate the profligate waste of energy that we see in our current generation of power stations. The requirements of the NPS serve as an unequivocal statement of intent that heat recovery should be a defining component of our future approach to energy, and mark a positive step forward.’