Three firms develop zinc hybrid battery technology for UK

Three energy companies are collaborating on a pioneering zinc hybrid battery technology that they are ultimately targeting at the UK’s industrial and commercial market.

The pilot will be tested under UK conditions before being targeted at universities for research purposes, with the first EU certified system expected to be provided to Britain’s commercial and industrial sector next year.

The battery system is also being developed to integrate with electric vehicle charging and demand side management solutions.

The trio of firms ” UK-headquartered Bryt Energy and Connected Energy, and US-based Eos Energy Storage ” say that their system is “revolutionary in the energy industry and has the potential to be the most competitive and low-cost battery in the market”.

They claim it has a high energy to power ratio, enabling greater flexibility during peak load periods, and is long-lasting and safe and suggest that its low hazard risk makes it particularly suitable for control of major accident hazard sites as well as the commercial and industrial market.

Connected Energy chief executive Matthew Lumsden said: “There will be no ‘silver bullet’ for energy storage ” different solutions will be required for a range of applications.”

Eos Energy Storage has been developing zinc hybrid batteries in New Jersey since 2008 and has deployed them in the US, India and South America.

Now they are working with the two British firms to deliver a new solution for the UK market: Bryt Energy will provide software and technology while Connected Energy will adapt their power control and management technology for the Eos system and ensure that the AC system is compliant and EU certified.

“Battery storage is a key component of decarbonising the UK’s energy system,” said Geoff Thomas, managing director of Bryt, which is part of the Statkraft Group.

The latest developments in battery energy storage will be showcased and debated at POWERGEN Europe and European Utility Week in Paris in November, where there will also be a strong focus on energy solutions for the commercial and industrial sector. Click here for details.

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