The WADE Annual Meeting & DistribuGen Conference will be held in Westchester, New York, US on 14-17 October (#). In conjunction with this event, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) will hold a CHP Expo designed for commercial, industrial and multifamily building owners and managers to connect with pre-approved CHP equipment vendors and other organisations offering financial incentives and technical support for the installation of combined heat and power systems.

The WADE Annual Meeting & DistribuGen Conference comes at a time when on-site energy generation has become the focal point in debates and discussions surrounding rapid changes to the utility business model, the cost of adding capacity, increasing energy security and ensuring preparedness for natural disasters. The conference will showcase an impressive list of high-profile speakers and industry leaders who will address decentralised energy technologies and put them into context amid the backdrop of fast-changing market forces, a litany of new regulations and rapid technology improvements.

The event’s opening keynote speaker is Thomas Kuhn, President of the Edison Electric Institute, the association of investor-owned electric companies whose members generate and distribute approximately three-quarters of US electricity. Kuhn’s keynote, titled ‘The Challenges and Opportunities of the Evolving Distribution System’, will address how investor-owned utilities view decentralised energy systems and the challenges and opportunities that all energy generators face in the dynamic utility marketplace.

As the utility markets are changing, decentralised systems continue to gain favour with regulators in the drive to improve air quality and reduce the amount of water used for power production. The impact of new US state and federal regulations will be discussed, as will the wide range of improvements in small-scale generating technology and the discovery of robust supplies of natural gas generation at or near the point of use, which has led to grid parity for distributed generation systems in many major markets.

Of course, included in the proceedings will be discussions about the lingering effects of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation to energy infrastructure along the eastern seaboard two years ago. Studies and reports point to the success of the microgrids that weathered the storm and endorse the implementation of more distributed generation. While some steps have been taken to improve our resiliency to this kind of catastrophic disaster, clearly more must be done.

James Woolsey will provide a captivating afternoon keynote. He is a national security and energy specialist and former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and is well known for supporting the movement away from fossil fuels and toward distributed generation in order to advance our national security. His speech, titled ‘Energy-Security-Resiliency – Rationale for a New Utility Paradigm’, will focus on the role distributed generation plays to ensure energy resiliency and how it will be incorporated into the power grid to reduce load and provide secure and resilient power to residential, commercial, institutional and industrial complexes of all sizes.

Also included on the agenda will be sessions on project financing and project case studies, new energy efficiency goals and incentives, the impact of rising electricity prices and other market drivers.

Save the Dates

28 October 2014

• Lunch meeting with the Natural Gas Roundtable at noon at the University Club of Washington,DC

29 October 2014

• Global Gas Council Meeting at the Organization of American States

Attendance is by invitation only. For prospective corporate attendees please contact the Secretariat for further information: Phone: +1 202 667-5600 E-mail:

This Meeting will be held with the support of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and the Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs, The Honourable Kevin Ramnarine, The Embassy of Trinidad and Tobago to the United States and His Excellency Dr Neil Parsan


University of Kebangsaan district cooling system.
WADE member George Berbari, CEO of DC Pro Engineering, and David Sweet recently co-chaired the Asia Pacific District Cooling Conference in Kuala Lumpur. The conference included a site visit to the University of Kebangsaan district cooling system.

NYSERDA’s CHP Expo will immediately follow the conference. The Expo is designed for commercial, industrial and multifamily building owners and managers who will connect with pre-approved combined heat and power (CHP) equipment vendors and other organisations offering financial incentives and technical support for the installation of CHP systems.

Building owners, managers, and other representatives will be able to speak directly with pre-approved CHP system vendors, NYSERDA staff, and the US Department of Energy’s CHP Technical Assistance Partnership representatives about products and services available to capture energy savings and improve the resiliency of their buildings.

The future is now for distributed generation. Join us as we shape this future in Tarrytown, New York on 14-17 October 2014, at the 2014 WADE Annual Meeting & DistribuGen Conference and NYSERDA CHP Expo.

WADE at Leadership Awards Dinner Hosted by African Energy Association

African-US Leadership Awards Dinner
From left: Pam Namai, MD/CEO, African Energy Association; Maureen Umeh, Mistress of Ceremonies and Anchor on FOX DC News; Pamela Miller, Esq – President& CEO, Summit Global Strategies, Ltd and Chair of the Host Committee for the African-US Leadership Awards Dinner

On 5 August, the African Energy Association hosted its much-anticipated Africa-US Leadership Awards Dinner held in conjunction with President Obama’s US-Africa Leaders Summit to bring African and American energy sector leaders together and to honour several of its outstanding figures.

Two members of the US Congress, Representative Karen Bass and Representative Gregory Meeks, were recognised for their unflagging support for expanded trade with and investment in Africa. In addition, two private sector leaders – Benedict Peters, Executive Vice President of Aiteo Group, and Dr James Mwangi, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Equity Bank Group – were honoured for their impressive individual achievements. Under their guidance, their respective companies have become market leaders driving innovation and progress far beyond their industries and national borders.

WADE Presents at Sm@rt Cities 2014

From left: David Sweet, WADE; Sachin Jain, KPMG; Himadri Endow, Alstom; Avinash Limaye, MPEnsystems; Parag Horlikar, Tech Mahindra
From left: David Sweet, WADE; Sachin Jain, KPMG; Himadri Endow, Alstom; Avinash Limaye, MPEnsystems; Parag Horlikar, Tech Mahindra

David Sweet, executive director, WADE presented at the two-day Sm@rt Cities Summit held from 22-23 August in Mumbai, India. The summit looked at the move of smart cities into the mainstream as India’s new central government manifests commitment of finance and policy to smart city development, deployment of smart city protocols, operating platforms and acceptance of smart technologies as the norm in transport, energy, development, assisted living and security in cities. Sweet was part of the panel ‘Smart Energy’ which discussed how innovation in energy will drive sustainability.