Thermal Energy Corp (TECO), a Texas Medical Center institution, has received the US Environmental Protection Agency’s 2015 Energy Star CHP Award for its on-site heat and power system.

Based on an aero-derivative LM6000 turbine from GE, TECO’s 48 MWe natural gas-fired system began operation in 2011 and uses approximately 30% less fuel than grid-supplied electricity and conventional steam production to cool and heat 19.3 million sq ft of space on the Texas Medical Center campus in the US.

It also avoids emitting an estimated 32,700 tons of carbon dioxide annually. Waste heat from the generation process help produce steam and chilled water that are piped underground through TECO’s district cooling and heating network.

Steve Swinson, TECO’s president and CEO: ‘Our CHP district energy system proves that it is possible to maintain reliability while saving energy and being environmentally and fiscally responsible. It’s hard to argue with that proposition.’