Storms prompt Connecticut microgrid investment

The state of Connecticut, US has decided to pour investment in to microgrids as a response to the impact of extreme weather events such as Hurricane Irene and a freak October snowstorm in 2011, both of which caused prolongedà‚ power outages.
Stratford, Connecticut
The long-awaited third-round of microgrid funding will see $30 million in new grants being dispersed.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) will begin accepting applications December 10. A project can win $3- to $5 million. Both municipal and private microgrids can apply.

In a previous round of funding $23 million had been put towards microgrid funding. In all, 11 microgrid projects have won funds since the program began in 2012.

The state has set aside $20 million of the funds specifically for municipal projects, which are eligible for up to $3 million each. Applicants can win an additional $2 million if they are located in a ‘priority town’ that is eligible for US Department of Agricultural Rural funding.

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