A new report from COGEN Europe highlights the likely future role of cogeneration, where a high efficiency scenario for 2050 estimates that at least two-thirds of combined heat and power will be renewable based.

The downside is that the poor current performance of the sector must be radically improved if this is to be achieved. The European Commission has indicated that cogeneration essentially stood still from 2004-2008 with only 0.5% growth per annum.

In its ‘Cogeneration 2050’ scenario COGEN Europe has taken the various existing projections for fuel mix changes achieving a 85% carbon dioxide reduction and prepared a ‘high-efficiency low-carbon’ vision of 2050.

The new report shows the significant role which combined heat and power can play in the sustainability of renewables, lifting the overall efficiency of bioenergy use.

In a 2050 world of highly electrified transport and better insulated buildings cogeneration emerges as the logical mode of supplying low-carbon process heat to industry.

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