Push for CHP in Europe

COGEN Europe has revealed plans to outline a European Energy Integration Project (EIP) during the Econcern Sustainable Energy Event in Poznan, Poland, in early December.

The trade group plans to explore the challenges from integration of cogeneration into the European energy mix and intends to outline a practical route to the EU target for carbon emissions reduction.

Presenting its findings in Copenhagen in 2009, the project aims to focus politicians, policy makers and citizens on the practical steps needed to create a sustainable future. Challenging the traditional ideas of where and how to start the cogeneration process, the EIP will use lessons learned from existing cogeneration installation to identify where the real challenges lie.

Building on work carried out in several studies including work by the International Energy Agency CHP/DH Collaborative, COGEN Europe, the World Alliance for Decentralised Energy (WADE), and others, the EIP will scope the size of the challenge facing two metropolitan areas and identify alternative paths and timescales to reaching target carbon levels. Using knowledge developed through practical experience of managing heat and electricity supply together, the project will identify the range of successful policy tools which create a supportive structure for the integrated supply of energy.

The EIP will recommend a mix of technical, economic, regulatory and other measures, including behavioural changes, to fulfil the long-term sustainability target for large metropolitan areas in Europe.

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