The new chairman of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Energy Policy and Finance Sub-Cabinet has indicated his desire to see greater uptake of CHP in New York.

Richard Kauffman was speaking at the recent AGRION Energy and Sustainability Summit and told his audience his theories on how the city’s government should provide support for private businesses in the energy sector.
Richard Kaufmann
“Increased adoption of combined heat and power [by companies] and dropping solar [prices] challenge the fundamental utility model of the collective being cheaper than the individual,” Kauffman said in his speech .

“We need solutions beyond rate design. We need to determine how to bring more value to more electricity customers.”

Kaufmann has taken charge of the state’s green bank and wants to see the bank “stay at the frontier of establishing markets and then moving on” when the market solutions are established. Green banks should turn over their balance sheet to free up capital as markets mature”, he said.

Governor Cuomo recently announced a $20m investment in clean energy for New York.

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